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Mr. Okoth Osewe to Launch His Book On The 31 Jan 2009 In Tensta.

Mr. Okoth Osewe, a well known Kenya writer is going to launch his new book “Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency” on the 31st Jan 2008 in Tensta. The book which has been in circulation since last year has been the talk of the town.

The first-ever self-written political book by the Kenyan Journalist was published last year and will be formally launched here in Sweden. The Organizing committee of the launch announced yesterday that all plans to launch the book were ready and they welcomed all Kenyans and friends on that special day.

The book is the final product of years of hard and consistent political work and struggle by Mr. Okoth Osewe. The book is considered to be an important contribution towards democracy in our country. According to the author, the book will be available to buyers on that day. However, the book can be ordered on line.

Due to the unique creativity of the writer, it is a must read book. It is believed that the book will make a crucial difference among its readers in particular those who hate Raila Odinga.

Munala wa Munala.


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