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The Kenyan Wife Beater Is Free Now!

A Stockholm-area self-proclaimed Kenyan politician has been freed from Swedish custody after being arrested on Friday for beating his wife. The Kenyan man who resides in Sweden is popular in many ways among Kenyans in this region. The man is a very decent Kenyan in character and it is surprising to many people why he sunk that low.

The “Politician” has been a front runner in crusade against women beating and has supported many people in different ways. It is not clear what triggered him to turn his aggression to his wife after struggling for many years to bring her here. Many Kenyans are left in suspense of what happened to the man many admired before the beating.

The suspect was arrested on Friday in connection with blowing and practicing physical fitness on his wife for several times. It is believed that the woman was injured seriously in the attack by the husband. The Swedish police were called to the scene at their home in the Stockholm area where they found the alleged aggressor with his seriously injured wife. He was taken to the police custody and released on Sunday.

A source told Jamii that this is not the first time the aggressor has beaten the innocent woman. The source said that the victim has frequently been beaten in the past, but top advisers to the family manipulated her not to press charges against the self-made politician. Some good Samaritans who knew the story for a period of time were banned to advice the wife, causing continuous beating in the darkness. On Friday last week it was a D-day for the victim forcing her to call for help from the Swedish police.

This follows a recent incident where another young Kenyan man who used to be a blogger punched his ex-partner forcing the young victim to call the police to take care of the situation. In most cases, it is when trying to end a violent relationship that women are most likely to be seriously injured or even murdered. Most victims are regularly murdered because no one spoke out in time. Jamii is appealing to Pastor Beartice Kamau and her VOW organization to step up and save this innocent people. Kenyans too can help by condemning the aggressors and helping both the victims and the family in general.

What is new in wife beating among Kenyans in Sweden is that it is no longer widely accepted as an inevitable and private matter. Kenyan men who are still in the game are being warned that their time is up. In this country, you can face serious problems if you beat women. A good thing is that many Kenyans have changed their attitudes towards women and this has come about as part of the profound transformation of ideas about the roles and rights of women in our society.

Grass-roots women’s organizations like Voice Of Women (VOM) led by Pastor Beatrice Kamau have begun to redefine spouse abuse as a violation of the victim’s civil rights and a criminal act of assault subject to the same punishments as other acts of violence. Bringing it out into the open by talking about it is the first step toward a solution. All progressive Kenyans and friends must condemn the women beaters in the strongest terms. The suspected politician must know that fighting is the lowest level of management and if you cannot manage the smallest unit of leadership which is a family, don’t make unnecessary noise about changing Kenya when you cannot manage you home.

The man has a long way to go now since he has shown to the whole world his barbaric nature. However, he still has time to reform and I hope Kenyans and friends can lend a hand to restore peace and love in the mentioned family.

Munala wa Munala.


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