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A Kenyan-Stockholm Blogger In custody.

A well know Kenyan blogger in Sweden is currently rumored to be in a Swedish custody following a “domestic” conflict with his “girl friend”. News that is reaching Jamii right now indicates that the blogger participated in what our informer called “violence against women” or rather domestic violence in simple terms.  Jamii and crew are following the saga and they will update readers as soon as they get more details.

Blogging about change we can believe in when we don’t mean it is hypocrisy. Violence against women is the ultimate expression of the prevailing imbalance of power between women and men. Men’s violation of women’s integrity, a violation which in so many cases also affects children and young people is one of the most serious obstacles to an equal and democratic society like Sweden. This can lead to serious problems especially here in Sweden.

Jamii will stand with this young family as the Swedish authorities tries to restore order within the family. All of us know what an abusive relationship does to the victim. Violation of women’s integrity is not acceptable in our society. It’s my believe that all progressive Kenyans must condemn it in whichever form it comes. Change requires hard work.

Munala wa Munala.


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