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Ambassadors We can Believe In.

We would like to thank our M.A.D. supporters who took upon themselves to enroll their children to the on going M.A.D. project i.e. the “M.A.D. AMBASSADORS”.
In the spirit of “YES WE CAN” we cordially invite parents and children to the inauguration of the “M.A.D AMBASSADORS” which will be held on the 13th of December at FOLKET HUS HALLUNDA. We will also take the opportunity to celebrate Jamhuri Day and Lucia. We have a programme that includes music, dance, talent show, fashion show and many other surprises. Children who are interested in participating in any of our programmes are welcome to contact us. 
Your support and participation will be highly appreciated. Children are the future! 

TIME: 1400
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT NZORO 0736289306, CATHY 0762034963, CARO 0700168061, SUNDAE 0737803451 and LIZ 0739180804.

M.A.D To Jamii Crew.


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