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Propaganda Of The Highest Degree By The Muirani Team. (Philippians 4:6-7).

Quoting the bible to explain the questions that have been raised by Kenyans concerning Kashito’s case is like saying Jesus was a brother to Satan. Who is going to believe that? Maybe fanatical followers. As an ex- pastor, i have a question to “pastor” Muirani. What Paul was telling the Philippians was that, spiritual fitness calls us to be transparent and accountable. This means living in accordance to Gods will and by this i mean telling us the truth about the late Kashito.

Can you tell us something about the late Kashito and stop whining?

Wakenya wanatataka maelezo kamili kuhusu yafuatayo Mzee Muirani; Who cleared his body at the airport? Who was there to receive the body? What caused his death? What were his real names? Was he buried in Sweden? Was he a Kenyan? Was his body cremated before it arrived to Kenya? Who financed his parents trip and how comes the body left before the people that came to pick it? What kind of documents did they have to do the above? What happened at the Kenyan embassy last week when the committee went to beg for free alcohol? How comes the body travelled four days before the people who came to pick it? Hatutaki mafumbo kwa sababu wengi wetu hatuna wakati wa kufumbua hayo mafumbo yako. Tueleze kwa kinaga upaga ni nini imefanyika maana ni wewe uliye shikilia kile  kiti.

From the Muirani-led Committee.

“On behalf of the late David Aquinas Mbithi Ng’ang’a (who was popularly known as Kashitoshito) Fundraising committee, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that, the late Ng’anga’a will be (was) buried today (28 Nov 2008) at Langata cemeteries.

After the memorial service which was held at Bagarmossen Outreach Ministry last Sunday, the parents went home the next day, Monday despite the delays at the airport due to bad weather. Their son’s remains were received in Nairobi by the Lee Funeral Home.

The Committee takes this opportunity to thank God because everything went well according to his plan. We would like to thank also Kashito’s colleagues, friends and well wishers who contributed enormously towards the footing of the bills in order to transport Kashito to his final resting place in Kenya.

The Committee would like also to announce that, the charges of transporting the body home amounted to Sek.46, 000 and since the amount which was raised here was Sek 27,000, the parents with the help of the committee at home and in London, were able to meet the difference and hence the cancellation of the intended fund raising which could have taken place today, 28th Nov.

We thank the Kinuthias for opening their house to all well wishers who mourned or consoled the bereaved family. We thank also the Kenyan embassy here in Stockholm for having audience with some committee members and also for helping in translating police documents.

Kashito’s parents in their own words, found it necessary to travel all the way to Sweden in order to fulfill an earlier invitation by their deceased son who wanted the three of them to visit him next year in June-July. They also said its part of their healing process to see where their son lived in his last days of his life.

Thessalonians 4:13-14.

May God rest the soul of the late David Aquinas Mbithi Ng’ang’a in eternal peace and may the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be Glorified Forever and Ever. Amen”.

Githuku Wa Muirani, Acting Chairperson Kashito Fundraising Committee.

Lifted from butdoisay by: Munala wa Munala.


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