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Brutality At Kamiti Prison.

Last week, was a week of hot activities within Stockholm bloggers. It was kind of fascinating to learn that we had a lot of intelligent brainpowers out there who can chip in when a need arises. The intensity of debate was high and very intellectual. If you went to a bad primary school in Kenya, it was easy for you to be left behind wondering what was going on. However, I have to say that we need more of those kinds of debates because they are challenging not only to those who were commenting but also to those who paid attention to the level of discussions. It was obvious that issues overtook personalities. Na hiyo ni maendeleo. Tukae hivyo hivyo.

Apart from the above, some drama was taking place at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden, a new diplomat arrived to help Mrs. Purity Muhindi to handle Kenyans who are stubborn in Stockholm.  On the other hand, Mrs. Purity Muhindi was complaining to her boss in Kenya about Kenyan MPs who arrives in Sweden without notice.  Many other activities took place among Kenyans in Stockholm that we cannot go into right now. For now I would like to draw your attention to what the wardens at Kamiti prison did last week.

Human rights abuse at Kamiti Prison.

It was shocking to see on NTV naked human beings being beaten mercilessly by the wardens just because they had mobile phones in the prisons. With the tight security at the prison, how did all this 350 phones got smuggled into the prison without the wardens’ help?  The prison commissioner Mr. Samuel Osugo must resign to pave way for investigations. He is the man who is in command of all the prisons in Kenya. He must have known all the above before it took place.

There is now consensus that all individuals are entitled to certain basic human rights under any circumstances. The most fundamental of which is the right to life and physical safety. All Human beings need tolerance, mutual respect and human dignity. Have we forgotten our morality and justice to an extend brutality is seen as normal? Some of the victims were tortured to death and many had serious injuries. Thanks to the modern technology, a courageous prisoner risked his life by sending the video to the media.

These are the very people that we are supposed to protect and to ensure that they are reformed by receive some degree of decent and human treatment. To violate the most basic human rights on the other hand, is to deny those prisoners their fundamental moral entitlements. The prisoners in Kenya are treated as if they are less than human beings and undeserving of respect and dignity. The torture of prisoners indicates that we have a major human rights crisis that the Kenyan government and the international community must address as quickly as possible.

I hope the government of Kenya is going to treat the issue as crime against humanity and the criminals must be dealt with seriously to send a clear message to others out there who think that they can take law in there hands. Public authorities must regain control of organized violence like the one we witnessed last week. In the face of such violations, leaders like Raila, Ruto, Namwamba, and other progressive leaders must champion international legal norms and human rights. These human rights are central to the maintenance of civil society and necessary for grounding attitudes of tolerance and mutual respect within our Kenyan communities.

Kenyans must also help by exposing this government’s hypocrisy on the subject of human rights abuse in our country. Kamiti prison is supposed to reform those people and not target prisoners with brutality. They, like everyone else, have certain protection under the law and especially in regards to international laws set up to protect them from such treatments. Most human rights violations in Kenya are done by the government because of the fact that our government is basically corrupt. Kenyan government is one of the most corrupted governments existing today.

It cannot be a coincidence that the Kenyan government chose to ignore the rights of certain persons or groups in our country. Whatever the reasons are for this, it must stop because each person is guaranteed protection under the law and especially those dealing with the protection of their basic human rights, which currently this government seems to ignore.  This is interfering with their basic human rights that are protected under the U.N. Charter under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which everyone is entitled to.

Munala wa Munala.



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