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Hongera Bwana Okoth Osewe!

The book, “Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency: Consequences And The Future Of Kenya” by Mr.framsida_jpeg1 Okoth Osewe, takes the position that Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, the Presidential candidate of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), won the December 2007 election in Kenya before agents working for Party of National Unity (PNU) stole the vote and installed Mr. Mwai Kibaki as President of Kenya at a secret ceremony at State House Nairobi.

The book gives a detailed account of Raila’s quest for Kenya’s Presidency over the years and pin-points why Hon. Mwai Kibaki, PNU’s Presidential candidate, lost election to Hon. Raila Odinga. The book walks the reader through the intricate and extra-ordinary process of the December 2007 election rigging and examines ECK and other documents related to election results to arrive at the conclusion that Raila won the vote.

The book, which is well researched and which runs over 350 pages, forms compact reading and Mr. Osewe hooks the reader on the subject matter with an engaging writing style as he seeks to provide a deeper insight into the stealing of Raila Odinga’s Presidency and to demolish the concept that the December 2007 Presidential election in Kenya was not rigged in favor of Kibaki.

It is a significant contribution and forms interesting reading to anybody seeking to deepen understanding on Kenya’s dodgy election which plunged the country into crisis, leading to the deaths of an estimated 1,500 Kenyans, wanton destruction of property and the creation of more than 350,000 internal refugees across the country.

Okoth Osewe via e-mail

Jamii comment: Pongezi Bw. Osewe, kazi njema umefanya. Bendera yako I juu.  Ndoto ya mawe mawili ndugu umeisema.  Hongera nasema tena, kalamu usiweke chini. Kazi imeanza.

Munala Wa Munala.


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