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Hon. Purity Muhindi blocks Kenyan MPs From meeting Kenyans.

Hon. Purity Muhindi did it again! This time, it didn’t come as a surprise because many Kenyans were expecting it to be that way. Majority of Kenyans in Sweden have given up on her and they don’t count her as the ambassador of the Kenyans in Scandinavia rather than an ambassador to a selected group of sycophants who worships her with hopes that “when the next one comes I will be on the list”. She has aligned herself with a selected group of Kenyans in this region and the majorities are seen as alcoholics.

Kenyans are alcoholic.

Hon. Purity Muhindi believes that majority of Kenyans in Sweden are alcoholics. This is not true. According to my understanding, people don’t drink because they are hopeless; they do so for many other factors. Given the fact that alcohol is affordable in Sweden even to the homeless is not enough evidence to put all Kenyans in the same bracket of alcoholics.  She has no reason to block Kenyans form accessing to the people they elected. The astonishing thing is that we still have people in the name of politicians who are bold, courageous and brave enough to entertain such thoughts and manipulations from Purity Muhindi. We as Kenyans in Sweden are expected to continue paying allegiance to them with respect. NO WAY.

Kenyans are hardworking people.

I have seen many hardworking Kenyans here in Stockholm. Kenyans like Mzee Martin Ngatia works like a young man. He is a very organized politician and he speaks his mind, Mzee Nashon Mbogua is a hardworking Kenyan, Clay Onyango the businessman, Adiwa another businessman, Soffia Njoroge a businesslady, Elizabeth another successful businesslady, many good Kenyan students and on top now is Jared Odero doing his PHDs, we have Mwalimu Osore, Pastor Beatrice Kamau, builders like Midenyo Changa, senior cooks like Mzee William, Mzee Kip Senior driver, many Kenyan nurses working here in Sweden, Daniel Mwaura, Jamlik, Mberi, Ken Aroka very responsible people, good “bloggers” like Mr. Osewe, Clay and Munala, the list is so long I cannot finish it.

I condemn the thoughts and believe of Purity Muhindi and her manipulated officials from Kenya. I still wonder why our politicians can come all the way from Kenya to be manipulated by someone who was not elected by Kenyans. I write not only to condemn the officials but also those who entertain and create the environment where such stuff can be conducted. This issue not only needs to be given the needed attention but calls for an emergency sort of treatment by all progressive Kenyans who reside in this region.

Since Purity Muhindi came to Sweden, she has never stopped amazing Kenyans in Stockholm.  Two weeks ago, she managed to manipulate some of the highest-ranking government officials to evade talking to Kenyans in Stockholm. The astonishing thing is that among the officials who visited Sweden were senior cabinet ministers. As an MP who was elected by the Kenyan people, it is our right to see them and talk to them about the issues that affect the common Kenyan.

Their gutless way of avoiding Kenyans shows that they are very corrupt and they are avoiding to be questioned by level minded Kenyans like Mzee Martin Ngatia, Sofia Njoroge and people like Changa Midinyo. It is shameful for an MP from Kenya to be manipulated by an ambassador. This incident shows clearly, that some people in the Government of Kenya are afraid that Kenyans knows them well and they want to ask them to be accountable. They are in a frightening situation because they know we know that they are not responsible in carrying out their duties. They are right to worry, time will tell.

There is one way out of this, Kenyan people in Scandinavia must continue with the struggle directly to stop this madness. Unfortunately, there are signs that some Kenyans are not taking these matters serious. If you have a trained brain, you will easily see that Kenya as a nation, last year spent over Ksh 6 million per day every day of the year on foreign travel. It was shocking nevertheless to learn that even during the height of the post-election crisis, high level delegations of civil servants were still attending international conventions as if nothing was going on in Kenya.

Who pays for the above, me and you plus already poor overburdened taxpayers back home? Are you satisfied with this situation? The old hyenas are busy tearing us apart for their opportunist agendas. Let us wake up and say enough to this. Many Kenyans have paid the ultimate price, to the extent of exchange with their own lives. They want to defend our growing democracy. What are we supposed to say when the very people that told us last year that they gonna represent us goes on to hide under Muhindi’s umbrella? Kenyans in Sweden are great people and for Purity to believe that Kenyans are alcoholics, I feel sorry for her and her advisers. We are hard working people in this country and you will be shocked if check-out with the tax office in Stockholm.

For politicians who have been visiting Sweden and avoiding meeting Kenyans, they have shown us that they are anti-people and now Purity Muhindi has reduced them into prisoners of her political ambitions. Their interests have shifted from the Kenyan people to serving an individual at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden. Their focus has changed from poor Kenyans to elites. They have chosen to listen to one ambassador who has a narrow knowledge about Kenyans in Stockholm. What they are forgetting is that she does not control our votes and voices. If you have your political bible Mr. politician, please open the book of Moody verse Biwott chapter Nyachae to Moi’s sons. God bless you.

Munala wa Munala.


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