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Kashito Case Update.

More information about the departed brother is now available. Investigations are still underway to determine the cause of his death and a report is expected to be released in about three weeks’ time. In the mean time the mobile phone belonging to the deceased has been released by the police and is helping in locating his contacts, friends and family.
Kashitoshito’s, it can now be revealed, real names were David Aquinas Nganga but Kashitoshito is the name he preferred to use. He has a sister in London, Ann Nganga who is now in constant contact with the Kinuthia family and the Kashito Fundraising Committee. The Kinuthia family and the Ngangas are close family friends and neighbours in Kenya.
The sister, who is still in deep shock after learning about the sad news, has a contingent of friends around her helping her to somehow cope with this tough situation. There will be a meeting on Friday (read tomorrow) at her residence as well and both the London group and the Sweden Kenyans will be working together to lighten this heavy load. Our sympathies and prayers are with Ann Nganga and her family at this sorrowful moment.
Meanwhile Kashito’s friends from different parts of the world have been calling in shock and disbelieve for information about the occurrence. Mrs Wamaitha Kinuthia has thus appealed for patience as we await the riddles surrounding the death to be solved.
Mrs Kinuthia who fondly spoke of the late Kashito narrated how just a short while back he was playing with her grand child Amour (means love in French) at her birthday party. Amour referred to Kashito as uncle, she is the daughter of Kashito’s younger brother in Kenya and Shiru Kinuthia the eldest daughter of the Kinuthias. She will definitely miss a pal.
Further information will be relayed tomorrow at the open house/prayer meeting in which your presence will be highly appreciated. The Nganga family and the Kinuthias wish to thank you and all those who have engaged themselves in this project.
Njoro:  On behalf of the Kashito Fundraising Committee.


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