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A Matter Of Urgency.

There comes a time when differences have to be put aside. There comes a time when dividing walls have to be brought down. There comes a time when emphasis has to be put on the importance of a community’s unity. There comes a time when solidarity has to be fully implemented as a tool in solving a societal crisis. There comes a time when the urgency of an emergency calls for a charge of stand in opinion or ideology. There comes a time when we must change in ethnical attitudes.

That time is now.

The unexpected and untimely passing of a Kenyan youth has touched and moved Kenyans to the depth of our hearts. The death of a young, promising man in the prime of his life should help us remember our appointments with the creator and the limitation of our time on earth. It can happen anywhere, at anytime, to anybody.

Kashito, according to his merits was a far aiming man. His future and the destiny he was creating would have been remarkable to not only his family and friends but the nation of Kenya as well. Who knows maybe even to the whole world? His candle has burned out too long before his legend ever lived.

He came to Sweden two years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH (Kunglig Tekniska Högskolan). He was 30 years old at the time of his death.

Compared to him we are all lucky to be a live and well today. Most of us are even luckier enough to never need the assistance from our fellow country men or anyone for that matter.  But such is not the story of my late friend Kashito. He was not that lucky.

Like most of us Kashito came here alone. Most, if not all of his family members are back home in Kenya. Like most us he had the dream of a better future for himself and his family which our country unfortunately can not offer everyone. Like most of us he struggled for the sake of that dream for as long as he got to live. I can imagine that he was probably the type of a person who preferred to tackle the difficulty challenges in his life by himself. He probable would never have needed anything from our community up and until the inevitable happened.

This is not the first time that the Kenyan community in Sweden has been subjected to this kind of a trial. When Juliet Kavinga died, the Kenyan community showed the magnificence of its strength in unity and how much our fellow countrymen mean to us. The occasions are many and come every year, when to us, nothing matters more than to see to it that everything works out fine even at the hardest times of the members of our community. That time is hither, and our unity and solidarity as a community is called for. Whether we knew Kashito or not, him and his family needs us to drink from this cup for it cannot be taken away. 

An emergency meeting was held last Friday in which a committee was proposed to oversee the first phase of the project that is aimed at arranging for the transportation of the deceased to Kenya. We are all humbly requested to be part of this project.

You are invited to a prayer meeting/open house and also to discus on how to fundraise for the transportation of the late David Aquinas Kashitoshito to Kenya. That’s on Friday the 7th of November at 1600hrs at Björnbodavägen 57 Vällingby. For further information call 0730228649, 0739266677 or 0736779031.

Yours Njoro, On Behalf Of the Kashito Fundraising Committee.


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