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Why Mr.Daniel Kotutt is Out of Office Most of the time.

The first secretary at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden Mr. Daniel Kotutt is busy studying at Stockholm University instead of serving Kenyans in Sweden or rather in Scandinavia. Mr. Kotutt who is studying Nationalism at the Stockholm University spends most of his working hours going to school and doing his homework during working hours. Most of the times when you call him for help; he is either on another line, attending a “conference” or out of office to unknown engagements.

The course which started in summer time has made him to be out of office at least two days in a week.  It should not be surprising to know that even the top guns at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden are studying instead of serving Wakenya. As many know, the former first secretary Mr. Kinyua also exploited his position at the embassy by operating a church and studying in Uppsala University. There is little reason to explain why Mr. Kotutt decided to abandon his duties and instead decided to take the course. It is very important for Mr. Kotutt to be able to explain to Wakenya why he is misusing tax payers’ money because he uses the embassy car to go to school.

Prurity Muhindi impresses him and this is not new to many Kenyans who are praying day and night to see her get going back to Kenya. I know it is very progressive to get some more education and I have no doubt that it is very encouraging to know that some of our servants are studying.  There is nothing wrong with studying but when you have a public work, you cannot leave the office during working hours and go to school. There is no way Mr. Kotutt can tell me that he doesn’t do his homework at work. Most of us have gone through the Swedish educational system and we know that it is a hell mountain of schoolwork.

There has been a lot of complains of recent about Kenyan embassy losing touch with common Kenyans in Sweden. Their complaints are factual and make no mistake the embassy has completely lost trust of Wakenya in Sweden. I repeat again, going to school is not wrong, but don’t steal tax payers hours of service to go and do your own private schoolwork. Kotutt’s job at the embassy is not a part time job that he gets free hours every week. His job has regular scheduled hours that should probably be used to serve Kenyans in Sweden. It is very shameful for a Kenyan to call the Kenyan embassy inquiring for information which by the way is his/her right to be informed finds out that the guy who is supposed to take the phone is “mangamangaring” at some corridors in Stockholm University.

Munala wa Munala.


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