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Hon. Purity Muhindi Is A “Nepotist”

One of the most misunderstood problems at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden is that Hon. Purity Muhindi and company have taken the embassy as their small personal empire. She has created a ring of sycophancy at the mission to an extend that when she passes in the corridors everyone has to say hallelujah. She is trying to play the old government superiority that when your superior passes you have to stand up and salute. She doesn’t get it that those days are long gone.


She Hired Her “Cousin” As A Cook.


It is understood that Hon. Purity Muhindi fired a luhya cook just to make a way for her relative from Mt. Kenya to take over. Jamii has learned that the woman in Mrs. Muhindi’s kitchen is a relative to the family. Jamii also learnt that the woman in the kitchen is not a cook because the real cook is on the way coming. Having said this, to me this appears to be human smuggling or trafficking if you like it that way. Based on the information that we have, Mrs. Purity knows that her days are numbered and her plan is to pump more of her associates in Sweden before she goes back home. The strategy is working for now but  we don’t know for how long it will last.


One will start wondering why Mrs. Purity fired her former cook just to hire her cousin. Currently, she has a new face in her kitchen and to make it clear, she comes from the Mt. Kenya region. Why the Kenyan government pays for someone to cook or do house keeping at Mrs. Muhindi’s place is something I don’t understand. Does it mean that she is very lazy that she can not make a cup of tea in morning and some Githeri (Beans and maize)? This is very shameful. I am not good in the kitchen but to hire a cook here in Sweden is something that raises our eye-brow.


The way to advance and make more corruptible money in a state job is to add “responsibility” which translates to hiring more people especially your close allies. Since Mrs. Muhindi arrived in Sweden, she has fired more than 3 Kenyans and hired a couple of foreigners. There are a number of jobs at the Kenyan embassy that foreigners do that could be easily done by the Kenyan population in Sweden. The reason why she doesn’t hire Kenyans is that if Kenyans do the job, the bureaucrats will employ fewer foreigners and therefore makes less money in corruption. Take for instance, the simple job of cleaning Mrs. Muhindi’s residential place. There are many Kenyan service companies that are operated by Kenyans here in Sweden and they can do that job for a very reasonable price. She decided to go for Tanzanians because they can cooperate with her corruptable nature that many Kenyans are fighting day in day out.




At the embassy, it is stated on the passport application forms that the fee for applying for a child passport is 100ksh, but to my revelation, the immigration attaché at the embassy asked me for 3000ksh when I applied for my child’s passport. Where the 2900kshs went Mrs. Wako and Mrs. Muhindi knows better. When I tried to protest at the receptionist desk, Mrs. Wako was holed in her office tending to watch my protest in the security camera. Be it from their superiors in Nairobi or from their own way of charging poor Kenyans in Sweden, time will tell. I hope they have corrected the mess on the forms. This is one among many other mega scandals that the embassy is engaged in.


Bureaucracy at it’s best.

There are people who are treated special at the embassy and others are treated like what my friend Osewe calls “Odiangabuk” This Simply stated, the way most bureaucrats earn more money is by growing their bureaucracy. You don’t need a trained eye to see that since Mrs. Muhindi came here, the embassy has changed dramatically. Those who used to use it like a street toilet now are looking at it from a distance. It used to be a dagis for some Kenyans in Sweden. (For your information, you can get your new passport in three weeks which is very impressive. However I hope it was not a special case for my child who got it in three weeks.)


The bureaucrats who currently run the system are doing everything in their power to undermine the efforts of those Kenyans who are progressively working hard. The above has been embraced by people like Wetangula. By deliberately allowing Mrs. Muhindi to hire and fire at her will, it’s an abuse to tax payers. No one knows how much money she pays those service men and women, how many people they need to clean a building and who is doing the job. These bureaucrats at the Kenyan embassy are lying about how much it will cost to actually clean the buildings owned by the government in order to put some coins in their pockets


Though easy to allege, incompetence is becoming increasingly adorable at the Kenyan embassy in Sweden. While Muhindi may well have performed incompetently since she arrived here, however, she has inflicted some performance based on my child’s passport evaluation.


Very soon we are waiting for another corruptible event that will be organized by the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm. Heroes’ day is around the corner and the corrupt embassy officials are celebrating because another door has opened for them to swindle some tax payers’ money with pretence that they will throw a party for Kenyans in Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong, we do appreciate our heroes for what they did for our nation but we are not going to bury our heads in the sand when we see our tax payers’ money being misused. The above being said, time will tell.


Munala wa Munala.



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