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We are back!

It has been long since we updated our blog. Thanks for the readers who have been asking us all the time when we will be back. Now we have some good news to Jamii fans but bad news to Jamii haters who in fact have been dissatisfied with our coverage. We are back!

We gonna start covering all businesses as usual. We had a great pause and now we are back with new energy. We hope that Kenyans in Sweden will continue to be engaged in positive things that will make our country to develop rather than divide Kenyans into small groups. In my brief and limited exposure to Kenyans in Sweden, I would agree that life is moving too fast and we have to keep the fire burning.

As is true with most Kenyans in Sweden, the barrier to the realization of our dreams as Kenyans is that most of us are unaware of the truth. I hope to see Kenyans in Sweden continue to push for the empowerment of our Kenyan community in Sweden rather than engaging in petty politics that will take us no where. Let us put our efforts together and prove that we are a people who must be respected by other communities which are doing well in this society.

We raised this issue last year but some sycophants who are afraid of facing the truth were up in arms defending the same failed organizations that cannot show anything they achieved for Kenyans in this country apart from making a lot of Nyama chomas. Kenyan embassy gets so worked up when they hear this because they have been converting good religious Kenyans in Sweden into alcoholics. The current ambassador has impressed it though she hides behind new King James Version of the bible.

What is the Kenyan embassy in Sweden doing to ensure that Kenyans in Sweden can return back to Kenya and develop their motherland, return their monies and properties acquired abroad to Kenya? We have Kenyan organizations in Sweden, they will be here for some time and they will sink just like many other Kenyan organizations have done in the past, the reason being the mission has not given them a hand. The problems that affect us Kenyans who resides here are the same and I don’t get it when other Kenyans believe that they are better than others.

According to the current legislation in our motherland, Kenyans who are overseas and who have purchased vehicles of left hand drive, like here in Sweden, cannot take back home their cars. Talk about tax exemption from other properties acquired while working abroad?  We have no future if we continue pickering on petty issues. The above are some of the issues that are supposed to unite us and lobby for changes in our country.

Our relationship with Kenyan embassy has been bad because the embassy has been warned in different Kenyan blogs in Sweden that they are under watch and to be ready for confrontational discussions. Kenyans in Sweden are afraid to death to do things because they will appear on the mainstream blogs. Kenyan blog owners in Sweden are very professional and give balanced information that can help us and not gossips.

Munala Wa Munala.


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