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Percis Clay, Moses Owino, And Sharon Owino Graduates!

Clay and family hereby, announce that we are inviting our friends to celebrate the graduation of my daughter Percis, my nephew Moses and my niece Sharon.

Though they have made me sound too old, am glad that they have accomplished one of the most difficult period of their time, and as they look forward to the next step, let’s celebrate on the 07 Juni from 1400 hrs at Spånga -Tensta field, with nyam chom and kanywaji on the house. For directions do not hesitate to call clay on Tel. 076 216 9132. Please bring the good humor and the smile. Any present will be highly appreciated, otherwise, maybe they prefer an envelope……butdoisay… see you on Saturday.

Clay Onyango.

Jamii>  Bongezi Bwa. Clay na wasomi wote. Na hiyo ni maendeleo. Nawatakia kila la heri na tuendelee vivyo hivyo maana hawa ndio Viongozi wa leo. Munala Wa Munala.


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