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Madaraka Day Celebration. A step forward.

To celebrate Madaraka Day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya
              H.E. Mrs. P.W. Muhindi & Dr. J.K. Muhindi

Request the pleasure of the company of Kenyans at a Reception

            on 1st June, 2008, from 2:00pm – 5:00pm

            Venue: Kenya House – Nacka

N.B.: For directions, please call the Embassy on 08.218300 (kenya embassy Web)

Jamii Note: I would like to thank the ambassador of Kenya to Scandinavia Mrs. Purity Muhindi for inviting Kenyans who resides in this region to celebrate Madaraka day at her residential place. As a Kenyan, I am very honoured to be there after a long struggle that many Kenyans launched for the house to be opened for Wakenya at least once in a year or so.  I am proud to support such move especially for this important event at such an important time on a political front in Kenya.

The coalition government of Kenya holds high hopes for progress, but still the reality on the ground is that Kenyans are still divided on tribal line after the 2007 elections. The astonishing thing is that even Kenyans who reside here in Sweden and did not even vote have taken sides just because they are from so and so tribe. We are currently going through a period that threatens much of that hope of progress. All the better it is, that we as Kenyans can meet at this wonderful event and exchange ideas that can help our country to unite. Thank you for your attention Mrs. H.E Purity Muhindi and hope that we can continue preaching peace and unit. God bless Kenya.

Munala wa Munala.  



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