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Why Are We Supporting Thieves?

The ten highest spenders.

   Ministry/Department                                          Amount Spent (ksh/usd)
1.  High Court of Kenya                                         82,572,720 / 1.15m
2.  Roads & Public Works                                      65,646,080 / 910,000
3.  Water Resources Managment & Development  47,664,164 / 661,800
4.  State House                                                     45,546,743 / 632,400
5.  Regional Development                                     45,168,497 / 627,100
6. Cooperative Development                                 44,164,605 / 613,200
7.  Foreign Affairs                                                 42,960,240 / 596,500
8.  Finance and Planning                                       40,948,240 / 568,500
9.  Education Science & Technology                      38,503,323 / 534,600
10.  Office of the President                                   35,458,748 / 492,300

It is the personal nature of these expenditures and their extravagance that the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights draws attention to. We do not argue that all expenditure on vehicle purchases during the period was questionable. The Office of the President, for example, spent more than one billion shillings (US $14m) to purchase a fleet of 417 Toyota Land Cruiser pickups, 24 Corollas and 20 Condors for the Kenya Police. The Ministry of Health also purchased 54 Nissan double cabs at a cost of Ksh.120 million (US $1.67m). We believe that these were legitimate public outlays in the service of ensuring the right to health and security. We also received reports of permanent secretaries and assistant ministers driving modest cars, and we applaud them for it.

We hope the country can follow the example of neighbours such as Rwanda and Burundi, which have taken bold steps, including the confiscation and sale of fuel guzzlers. As of May 2005, the sale of such vehicles had raised US $3.5m in Rwanda and further savings in fuel and maintenance costs are projected.

We hope that this report drives home the simple message that there is an incredible degree of unnecessary extravagance on the part of the Government of Kenya. At a time when so many Kenyans are facing starvation, we hope this report will encourage reflection as the new cabinet settles into office




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