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Mr. Kinyuas’ Container Disappears Mysterious.

A Kenyan who has been tired a bout the corrupt nature of the Kenyan embassy in Sweden has raised a new alarm in a series of scandals that are hiting the Kenyan embassy in Sweden. In his own words he writes, “This is about former Diplomat to Kenya Embassy Stockholm Mr. George Kinyua who is on his way of loosing a container, with all his belonging. According to the way we got this story, a Company calling it self VIP shipping company was given this contract the embassy to ferry Kinyuas stuff to Canada then they gave another company the job and the Vip did not pay the sub company and the guy went under.
After a couple of days they realized the guy called Kristian is a conman. They started following him to no success until when they reported the matter to the police that’s when the man showed up to discussed this issue with his female Kenyan friend. This is the whole matter “mjue hatuna Embassy hapa” sweden wale tuko nao ni wana biashara. When this Kamba Lady told his boyfriend that she understood the police are looking for him because of several cases, the Mr. Kristian told her this is a very short game. Your government is corrupt and that’s why things are the way they are now. He continued explaining himself why he had to do this. He said i petty innocent Kinyua because he was not on the deal and now he is suffering’s.  Awour and Vitisia asked me for quotation and because we were many who needed the job i gave them the list among others because i didnt know they will ask for some money out of my little offer, I was to do what i did cos i new they will not let this cargo get lost.
What did they expected me to do after the demanded a portion of the money? As a concerned Kenyan, when i listened to this story i felt bad because the way Kenyan know Kinyua he is not suppose to be treated this way. I was concerned and shared the issue with some friends and they told me that they knew the story through Tanzanian embassy staff, and the Tanzanian staff said may be they did it intentionally to punish Kinyua coz the same Awuor said Kinyua was transferred because he didn’t knew is work is just to mingle with Wakenya trying to please them. One question we asked is, If a diplomat don’t know his work is supposed to be transferred or is suppose to be recalled back home? Can Purity Muhindi and company answer this?
Kinyua has been instrumental to Kenyans here in Stockholm and we treasure him so much. whenever people are mourning its him and Mrs. Kiboi who you could see visiting people and giving their poles, and even when people are celebrating they Kinyua assisted so much whenever he had an chance to assist in that kinyua had a very good party organized by Kenyans in Stockholm and was graced and covered by KSB and every body witnessed him receive STOCKHOLM DISTIGUISED AWARD. From Kenyans here.
We appeal to the gornvnment to intervene and rescue Kinyua cargo b4 it’s completely lost. Mr. cheruiyots things were rescued they were in the same process because the same company was given that contract and the ladies in the Embassy had already taken their share from the same. The gorvnment money was saved after Cheruiyot was rescued b4 he was deported and Mr Kristian regretted so much after he learnt that cheruiyot was not going back.
Can we cry to president kibaki and our Prime minister Mr Raila to replace this people really they don’t know their work how can they give a person who don’t seem to have even office work. Corruption!!!!”
From A concerned Kenya.

Note: Jamii will follow the story and update you in a while.


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