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Dr. Muhindi Escorted The Cook Who Was Deported By Hon. Purity.

The cook who was deported by ambassador Purity Muhindi last week landed in Kenya safely after being escorted with tight security. Dr. Muhindi, the husband to Purity Muhindi was in charge of the security operation and he made sure that the cook did not remain in Europe. Dr. Muhindi who escorted the Kenyan cook back to Kenya physically aboard KLM-Kenya airways made sure that the sick man did not seek asylum in Netherlands because by the time the cook was deported, his work permit was still valid for one year. With this kind of permit in his passport, this send wrong signals to Muhindi’s family because they thought the cook might overshadow their ill plan and continue working in one of the Schengen countries.

The sad part of the story is how the cook was forced to withdraw all his money from a Swedish account and carry it physically in his pocket. Basically the old man was carrying over 300,000ksh in his pocket. If the money got lost on the way, this could mean his life fortune was gone in a single minute. It is now clear that Dr. Muhindi’s job was to make sure that the old man was back to Kenya and the orders were very clear that he had to follow the cook everywhere he went while on the way to Kenya. The Kenyan ambassador to Sweden Mrs. Purity Muhindi, the engineer of the project followed the developments very closely by phone.

The Kenyan cook who was diagnosed with diabetes could have been granted asylum on claims that his life will be in danger if he is sent home because of his health background. The post election violence that rocked Kenya could have been in the centre of the application giving reasons like he will be killed if forced to return to Kenya. The country is not stable and safe for old men like the former cook to Purity Muhindi. Kenyans should be afforded the RIGHT of fair treatment and in the case between the cook and Hon. Purity Muhindi, he was treated unfair. We as Kenyans have all the rights to make noise and even go to court or stage a demo to let the world know these evils.

The embassy has some questions to answer to Wakenya. We want to know how much money the Kenya embassy spends on partying, travelling and how they award tenders. Currently, the tender to clean ambassador Purity Muhindi’s residence was awarded to a Tanzanian under a corruptible manner. After a Kenyan gardener was fired, they contracted a Swedish company for few months and after discovering they couldn’t do the “dirty” games with the Swedish company, they fired the company and awarded it to a Tanzanian. Kenyan companies like Orkarinte are very cheap but they were not given a chance to give their offer.

Another scam that is boiling within Wakenya in Stockholm is that of the contract to design the Kenyan embassy website. The contract was awarded to a friend to the Kenyan embassy under unknown circumstances. Ms. Linnet Vitisia, a Finance attaché at the Kenyan embassy awarded the contract to a website designer in a highly corruptible way and many Kenyans in this region reacted aggressively to the dishonesty nature of the contract. Mr. Olengais Saidimu who was offering a better quality website on a cheaper price was denied the chance and instead, Ms. Vitisia awarded it to her cronies. When she was asked how much the embassy spent on the website, she physically ran away from a Jamhuri day party that was organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden last year at the Scandic hotel in Stockholm. 

It is time the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden updates their website and recognizes Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki as the leaders of Kenya. They haven’t even recognized Kibaki as the new president of Kenya as per their website. The embassy staffs are paid a lot of money to run the embassy which includes the website and if they are tired, they must be fired.

Munala wa Munala.  


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