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Kibaki And Raila Have An Uphill Task.

Following the signing of power sharing deal between president Kibaki and prime minister designate, Hon. Raila Odinga which was brokered by former UN boss, Dr. Kofi Annan and other African eminent leaders, both president Kibaki and Hon. Odinga have an uphill task in bringing forth our country into normality and making some painful concessions which would not please every one.

Whenever a deal is struck between two antagonistic forces, obviously there is a give and take situation and now President Kibaki and prime Minister designate, Hon. Odinga have a tough task of first and foremost controlling the hardliners within PNU and ODM.Already there are some politicians and some supporters from both political divide who feels that the deal which was signed by the two leaders have fell short of their expectations.

Naming of the cabinet ministers is also proving very difficult to both leaders and especially president Kibaki because he has a coalition of some many fringe parties within PNU, unlike Hon. Odinga who has one united party save Charity Ngilu’s Narc which captured four seats in parliament. President Kibaki has to convince his PNU parliamentarians that he has to accommodate Hon.Kalonzo Musyoka who is currently the Vice president. Already Hon. Kalonzo is facing dissent from some of his former strongest supporters Messrs Hon. Charles Kilonzo and Hon. Kiema Kilonzo.The two feels that, Hon. Kalonzo entered into a coalition with president Kibaki without consulting all ODM-K parliamentarians.

Within ODM, Hon. Odinga is facing the challenge of his life of whether to name Hon. Musalia Mudavadi or Hon. William Ruto as the deputy prime minister. Going by the virtual of seniority, Hon. Mudavadi is the deputy to Hon. Odinga and also during the elections; it was him who was the running mate. On the other hand, Hon. Ruto and majority of parliamentarians from Rift valley province, feels that they enabled Hon. Odinga to have more votes than any other province in Kenya and therefore they deserve the deputy premier seat. They also advance their argument that, western province have Kenneth Marende who is the speaker of our national assembly.

On PNU’s side, front runners are Hon. Saitoti, Hon. Karua, Hon. Murungi and youthful Hon. Mungatana and Hon. Kenyatta. Given the issue of gender equality, Hon. Karua stands a better chance but the problem would be that both Kibaki and Karua hails from central province.About Hon. Kiraitu Murungi is also proving tricky despite the fact that president Kibaki did received many votes from the large Meru community. He is seen also coming from the GEMA community like the president. Hon. Saitoti who is seen as a Kikuyu/Maasai has an upper hand because he is more experienced in politics apart from being tainted by the goldenburg scandal though he was cleared from all the charges which were leveled against him by the high court. Hon. Kenyatta may end up may be with one of the powerful ministry.

If all the names which are mentioned above could compromise, Hon. Danson Mungatana should be the settled one for that post. Hon. Mungatana represents the youthful generation and he has been in the fore front of defending president Kibaki and he was very instrumental in the formation of Narc- Kenya. By choosing Hon. Mungatana, president Kibaki would score some points over his critics who normally see him choosing only the old guards. Hon. Mungatana is more vibrant and more involved when it comes to policy
matters. If it was for me to decide, i would settle for him.

On the gender equation, Hon. karua, Hon. Ngilu, Hon. Dr Sally Kosgei and Hon. Beth Mugo and Hon. Naomi Shabaan are the front runners in full ministerial positions. In fact this time around, president Kibaki should give Hon. Beth Mugo a full ministerial position because it was only her in Nairobi province who really made it back and also during 2005 referendum, it was only her who delivered for the banana side. Despite the fact that she comes from the Kenyatta family, Hon. Mugo is a very hard working and down to earth woman and that’s why she is the first person to win the Dagoretti seat three times in a raw.

Apart from the ministerial appointments, the parastal jobs are also going for grabs. Both president Kibaki and Hon. Odinga won’t have it easy on this front without naming the diplomatic one. Kenyans are going to witness shake ups in all spheres of government jobs. When all this will be over, now the beginning of fall outs will soon emerge. From both political divides, there will come out individuals and groups who will feel that they were short changed and it won’t be surprising to see new political alignments and realignments within both PNU and ODM. For those who are asking who will be in the opposition, it’s a matter of time before we are going to see a very strong and vibrant opposition in our parliament.

Githuku Wa Muirani.


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