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Don’t Attack Servants Of God, Says Muirani.

God is good all the times and all times God is good. I do give him all the praise because its ONLY him and HIM alone who is my creator and also its only him who knows where i will go when i die and that’s why i am not afraid of those who can kill my physical body and do nothing more than that, but am only afraid of he (God) who can kill me and my soul too.

In the bible we are told that, Joseph was sold to Egypt by his brothers because he had a dream (vision) and when he was sold there it was a blessing is disguise because when there was famine in Israel, Jacob sent his sons to buy food there and to their surprise, it was Joseph who was the governor but since he had good attitude, he never took offence and he treated his brothers well. Despite all their efforts, they never killed Joseph’s dream and so long one has a dream in life, one will encounter all types of critics and admirers.

Concerning my Christian faith, its only God who will judge me and not human beings. When Jesus was crucified, we are told that he was crucified with two thieves and one of them went to paradise because he pleaded with Jesus to remember him once he will be there and Jesus assured him that “tonight you will be with me in paradise”. According to the people of that time, they had condemned that thief to death but thanks to God because he never judges like the way human beings do judge. Its only by turning to Christ that we will receive salvation.

Rev.Dr. Ian Paisley is the head of one the biggest political party (Protestant) in Northern Ireland and he has not been talking to Gerry Adams of Sinn Feinn (Catholics) because of the politics of Northern Ireland until recently when they agreed to share power. Rev. Jesse Jackson is another high profile clergy who also indulges in politics. The late Bishop, Dr. Henry Okullu even wrote a book about church and politics and he was very instrumental in championing the introduction of multi partism in Kenya. Dr. Timothy Njoya, the late Bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge were also very focal in criticizing Moi’s dictatorship.

I have never called myself a Pastor because in the first place i have never gone to any theological college but also to my understanding, anyone who does preach the word of God or teach it can qualify for that title though in God’s Kingdom, all will be equal and that’s what God see us as human beings because we are all created in his own image.

On my political leanings, its no secret that i have been supporting president Kibaki because its my God given right to support a candidate of my choice. In all my articles which i have written, i have never attacked any particular community in Kenya but obviously as a supporter of PNU, i had to throw so me salvos on ODM, just as they were doing. I have never used any crude language as others have been doing.

About being born a Gikuyu, i have no apologies to make to anybody because that’s what God found me fit to be born in that community and it was not my choice. I do also respect other communities because they too were created by God and that’s the beauty of creation and no community or race which is superior to the other one.

One is entitled to freedom of opinion and association and it does not mean that if one gives an opinion which another person thinks is not right, one is against that person 



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