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Hon. Purity Muhindi Deports Her Cook.

A cook who has been working for the Kenyan ambassador to Sweden Hon. Purity Muhindi has been fired under unknown circumstances. The cook who has been working at the embassy for more than a year is due to be deported back to Kenya on Saturday evening. Since her arrival in Sweden two years ago, Hon. Purity Muhindi has been firing Kenyan workers and instead employing foreigners. It was not very clear what made her to fire the cook but a source told Jamii that the cook has been diagnosed as having diabetes and the government of Kenya cannot afford to pay the bills thus forcing the cook to pack his personal effects and fly back to Kenya on Saturday. Those who are accustomed with the brutalities at the embassy will not be shocked by Muhindi’s position.

When she arrived in Sweden, her first responsibility was to fire a gardener and hence she did not pay him his salary. It is not clear if the cook has been paid his salary or not. This comes just a few months after a Kenyan diplomat was facing deportation under her command. Kenyans in Sweden intervened and saved the diplomat who was ailing. Firing a man in his 50s is brutal given the fact that the situation in Kenya is not stable. However to send someone to Kenya at this particular time is something unthinkable given the fact that Kenya is at a cross line. Firing must be the last resort for Purity to do to her junior staff. It is a sudden and unwarranted firing which undermines her office morals and destroys her institution further. Junior employees must now understand that if others can be fired unexpectedly, they can too.

With no job and no package, the cook will arrive in Kenya poorer than when he left since it is believed that he paid  enormous a mount of money for diagnosis at a Swedish hospital. If the cook will file a complain claiming unjust dismissal, the Kenya embassy in Sweden is going to face an uphill task because this will mean that they have to compensate him for at least one year. The termination of the cook is unjust and it adds another blow to an already tainted embassy.

Munala wa Munala.


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