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Misinterpretetion And Misplaced

It is very interesting to see how people are one sided and misinterpreting the article that was published here on Jamii. I am just a messenger and my job was to deliver the message of which I did. If I did anything wrong was to deliver the message. Jesus was assassinated for delivering the truth to the people of the world. People are projecting things and taking things out of context. There’s absolutely no question in my mind that the woman in discussion is a good person and I have nothing personal against her just like many of you. The article has been misinterpreted and confusion has been circulating around to make what was good intention to look bad. For those who are claiming to defend the woman, are even worse because they are attracting the attention to the story. I do appreciate our freedoms and our values and anything else that we as Kenyans we hold dear.

I was just delivering the message and for those who are pointing their nose in Jamii’s direction are doing no good than just adding salt to an already salty situation. Instead I will advice them to focus their criticisms on the situation and not personalities. It is very unfortunate that the very people who are supposed to lead us morally right they sometimes bargain with God. God always keeps his promises and our confessions of sins are supposed to be continual because we continue to do wrong. True confession requires us to listen to God and to want to stop doing what is wrong. David prayed to God to forgive him the hidden sins and to keep him from the willful sins. Our attitudes must be that of confession and obedience. Anyway I was just refreshing my memory.

If you really care for the woman in discussion of whom I don’t even know her on a personal level, why are you  playing up the decorated justification mechanism without evidence whether it is true or not. To me, you want to play the “Jezebel” theme up as much as possible, especially in comparison to the diplomat. I do sympathize with the whole situation on both sides not only one side. I would like to emphatically and persistently deny that I had anything personal to the female in discussion. My focal point in the article was corruption at the embassy and I still stand on it that the Kenyan embassy in Sweden is corrupt and we have to look the Jezebel article in that direction. Those who are trying to capitalize on the story are being warned that the story by the time it was published, Jamii had enough evidence that can only be produced in court if needed.

Jamii triggered political firestorm by raising questions about the relationship between the allegations and corruption at the Kenyan embassy. Jamii’s position is that the story stands for itself. It’s unclear to Jamii on what ground do people think that we just hate someone and one day we wake up and start sending missiles in wrong directions. In the article, we emphasized on corruption and not love affair the way people want to portray it. We spoke about the formation of truth and reconciliation, emotionalism among Kenyans, unpaid salaries at the Kenyan embassy, peace, transparency, accountability, job fixing, human trafficking, land grabbing among other things. Why are we not looking at it in that direction? I have seen Kenyan blogs in Sweden promoting porn picture and using bad language, why haven’t we condemned it?

Let me make it clear that Jamii does not rely on anonymous sources, retelling old stories and raising the possibility that the diplomat may have had a romantic relationship without providing evidence and the origin of the allegations. A top friend and adviser to the alleged, fearing there might be an intimate relationship between the two intervened to protect the diplomat’s good reputation from falling down. One of the friends to the lady told Jamii that he persuaded her to stop seeing the man but she said it was only friendship which I think it is okay and recommended.

A similar story was reported last year and in the story the journalist included extensive historical material and the background of the whole saga. Where were the defenders by that time? I do agree that the two must be left in peace if they love one another and if nobody is complaining about their relationship. Everybody has a story and of course no one is perfect me included. The idea is supposed to be left to the two lovers to decide their destiny. Most of the incidents reported by Jamii had been reported before and for that reason this is not a new story to raise ire and discussion. However the whole thing has been misinterpreted and I hope those who are looking at it in the name of the woman are misplacing the whole meaning of the article.

The article drew criticism but also supporters among Kenyans in Sweden. Those who are concerned told me the story “is certainly relevant.” Others found the story wanting because the hole in this story is the innuendo they can’t prove. “All of this is old,” said one reader. Others think, “This would have been a legitimate story when it was a story.” Jamii still believes that it is very crucial to form the commission proposed by a Kenyan in Stockholm so that Kenyans can have time to repent their past and start building a new Kenya where people respect one another.

Jamii Crew.


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