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Scandal: Jezebel At The Kenyan Embassy In Sweden.

A group of women in Stockholm have formed a “gang” to protect their husbands from what they call “men’s thief” that must be stopped by all means. The women who were very angry told Jamii that there were more thieves at the Kenyan embassy than just land grabbers. In modern times, the name Jezebel has come to mean a loose woman or one of low moral standards. However, the Jezebel of the Bible, spoken of in the book of 1Kings, chapters 16 – 21, had more charges against her than not following the accepted code of conduct. The woman who allegedly works at the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm has no distinction of being the most evil woman in modern Stockholm.

Before her assignment at the embassy, it is reported that she had big political connections in Kenya. It is also believed that Mr. Muirani wa Githuku of Kibaki Tena, former ambassador to Sweden Mr. Kinyanjui, Kenya airways boss Titus Naikuni, Beth Mugo and Saitoti both Mps were the heavy weights behind the dubious assignment. Many Kenyans raised issues on how she was employed at the embassy but since the Kenyan embassy itself stings corruption, it was not a big deal. The source told Jamii that Hon. Purity Muhindi was against the move to employ her because of her moral standards but the “Wazee wa kazi wameamua” silenced her critics.

The woman is a hypocritical Christian who believes that immorality is not a serious sin for believers. She is a big Fun of Pastor Samson of who runs a church here in Stockholm. Currently she has changed her church after many people started asking her “How on earth could you do that”. She apparently led her friend to live her home and it is believed that she took over the home under unknown circumstances. The newly appointed Kenyan diplomat at the Kenya embassy in Sweden has some problems to solve this year given the fact that her close friends have now ganged against her and if the matter goes worse, she might find herself in isolation or “maji moto” in her face.

When she applied for the job at the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden the woman was hoping to acquire knowledge and advance her diplomatic carrier but with this kind of scandal, she still has a long way to go. According to the source whose name was not disclosed told Jamii that Kenyans in Sweden needs to form a commission of Truth and Reconciliation since the matter is very sensitive and if not tackled earlier, it will cause a major crisis soon. The so called Jezebel is accused of stealing other women’s husbands and it is projected that she is not going to stop because it is suspected that the second victim is already hooked. In Pastor Samson’s church, she worked there as a volunteer counselor to the married couples. It is believed that it was from this position that she used to separate couples for her own opportunistic “lust” benefits. “Ashindwe”!

For more than two years, the diplomat has been saddled with a reputation as the bad girl in Stockholm and the wicked woman of year 2007 and it seems she opened year 2008 with her record of being wicked. For the hallelujah group in Sweden, they call her an enemy of God. Last year, a Kenyan journalist in Stockholm raised the issue of a woman breaking people’s marriages in the name of counseling but he was silenced by his critics calling him a noise maker. Jamii can reveal beyond reasonable doubt that it was true that the woman was terrorizing young families and ripping them apart. Rehabilitating the diplomat’s stained reputation is an arduous task and Kenyans in this region are watching careful to see what steps the Kenyan embassy will take. The embassy has distanced itself from Kenyans but we hope after this exposure, they will take the necessary step to repair the damage.

What spurs the diplomat’s to steal other women’s husbands is unknown and unknowable but the motives might be that of love. She is a bold and ambitious trespasser who has to be stopped. She is loyal to her religious upbringing and she is determined to maintain her cultural identity. According to the source very close to her, her desire is to be loved and the world is full of competition and in this situation, it seems she is very good in winning because she is very beautiful and cunning and maybe she has experience in what she is doing. She also seems driven to eliminate passionately anyone in her way in the name of love. Men in Stockholm are being warned to be alert because we don’t know who is next in her list and it said that if she hooks you, you will never go back to your original wife.

A source from Nark-ks told Jamii that some time in 2006 Mr. Muirani wa Githuku traveled to Kenya and he met Raphael Tuju, Beth Mugo among other top Kenyan ministers and it is believed that he was trying to push for the woman to be employed at the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden. Mr. Muirani is a very close friend to the woman in discussion. It would be better for people like Muirani to come out and tell Kenyans what role he played in the job fixing scandal in the name of transparency and accountability. These are the evils that have ripped our country apart and it would be better for us to look into them from a sober mind. Mr. Muirani is now a very good preacher in Stockholm and an elder that many young leaders admire. We hope he will come out clean on the above issues so that he can maintain his records of being Mr. clean in Stockholm. Jamii tried to reach the politician but he was very busy and his secretary told us to call tomorrow.

Mr. Githuku wa Muirani divorced his connection to embassy soon after Hon Purity Muhindi arrived in Sweden. The Kenyan embassy in Stockholm had strong political alliance to him during the Kinyanjui era and that also helped him to secure a job for his brother of whom the Kenyan embassy refused to pay his salary. The union provided certain community in Stockholm with protection from powerful enemies as well as valuable trade routes. The community gained access to the tax free products like alcohol and there relatives gained passage to Sweden. It is in this line the name of Mr. Muirani come in the picture of some of the influential people outside the embassy. If it true that the politician helped the woman to secure a job at the embassy, it would be better for him to come out and speak. It is believed that her job was fixed long before Kinyanjui left and since Muirani was very close to Kinyanjui, he must know something that will help in the process of healing our country.

Although these developments are sufficient to raise ire, many Kenyans in Stockholm have been patient amid witnessed acts of corruption and abuses at the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm. From house girls who are not paid through land grabbers to human trafficking are the evils that well thinking Kenyans must refuse and try to make the Kenyan embassy and its staff accountable. It is so dirty that sometimes we cannot even say everything in one day. Kenyan foreign community in Sweden is a tightly-bound, marginalized group of people and there are many secrets between its members. It is time to expose them or we call Koffi Annan to come and mediate because after what has happened in Kenya, we want to clean our institutions and as Kenyans in Sweden it is our responsibility to make it happen.

Munala wa Munala.


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