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“Kenyans Are Tribalistic By Nature”, Says Mr Kiptoo.

Mr. Kiptoo, a Kenyan who reside in Sweden told Jamii today that Kenya belongs to all Kenyans regardless of there tribal background. He noted that Kenyans knows very well that we are born tribalistic and there is nothing bad in someone being proud of whom he/she is. “Since time memorial, we have been reminded from our childhood that we are Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Taitas, Kalenjins and the list is very long that we cannot finish”, said Kiptoo.  He advised Kenyans to stop living in illusion that Kenya was not tribal. He even gave an example here in Sweden whereby majority of Kenyans who reside here are more tribal than our old people in Kenya.

Mr Kiptoo added that tribalism is there and it is there to stay. Since independence, the government of Kenya has used it for their personal opportunistic political agendas. Tribalism has been protected by government institutions in Kenya. The Kenya we are in now, you better know your tribe. He gave an example where he stated that if you need  a Kenya  ID, you must say where you were born, your parents names and where they were born and a copy of your parents ID, village, location, division, district and that you cannot get an ID without a letter from your area chief confirming that you were born in that village. He however warned Kenyans who are promoting tribal violence, subverting democracy and ruining our economy that soon they will face the law and get punished. Mr. Kiptoo advised Kenyans that tribes are there and they will never go away from our society because all of us we are proud to be who we are. What we need is to respect one another. He told Kibaki and his croonies to hand over power to ODM because they won the 2007 elections.

Mr Kiptoo said that Kenyan conflict is a result of people that have been violated, an election that has been stolen and angry citizens who feel abused and betrayed specifically by an act of theft. ” What the Kenyan people want is peace but peace cannot come without justice and calmness doesnot mean peace” said he. The use of the Mungiki militia is a well-calculated move by the State to intimidate the ODM and its supporters. Promises of equal distribution of the resources were made many years ago and these have not been fulfilled 43 years later. Kenyatta started the thieving of public resources pattern and the elites from his society inherited the trend and now thy have ruined Kenya completely. The clashes are a culmination of the 1969 ideological fallout between Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and at that time the clique of people surrounding the Kenyatta vowed that leadership of the country was not going to cross the famous River Chania. It is by this design that there was every effort to dismantle the ODM and declare Raila Odinga unelectable because he is a Luo.

Kenyan people are crying to get a better institutional framework that will ensure fairness. The historic voter turnout and peaceful way in which the electorate conducted themselves during the 2007 elections is an indication of how determined Kenyans are to make change. They found their voice in the Orange Democratic Movement and all they are now getting, after exercising a peaceful election is a police brutality and a repressive regime. Jomo Kenyatta’s approach to nation building after independence using the “harambee motto”, a socio-capitalistic approach to development inherited specific problems with regard to the equitable distribution of resources. Certain parts of the country were more advantaged than others and here lies the origin of the present conflict.

Little did any one know that the same ghost of unequal distribution of resources would haunt this great nation 44 years later. The “white highlands” where the colonial masters settled were better developed than other areas in the country, better infrastructure to facilitate commerce and industry. These areas are the coffee and tea growing zones of Kenya. The promise to equally share the national cake has not been fulfilled. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor. During the campaign period in 2007 Raila Odinga did a tremendous job in communicating their agenda on the equal distribution and a careful scrutiny of their manifesto, reveals a custom made approach to this distribution that is specific to the resources of the various regions in Kenya. This explains why it turned out that the Orange Democratic Movement became popular with the poor. The strength of the ODM in the 10th Kenyan parliament proves this statement and for the first time in the history of post independent Kenya, the Speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly was voted in from the “opposition” side. This in itself speaks volume on what the Kenya people wanted.

The ideological fallout between Jomo Kenyatta, a Kikuyu, and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, a Luo is a significant event in Kenyan history. The latter advocated for the immediate equitable sharing of the national cake among the 42 tribes in Kenya and establishment of legal and constitutional structures that would ensure proper checks and balances. “Business as usual” was the government slogan while “vote for change” was the ODM slogan. The US said clearly through Dr Rice, “It will never be business as usual in Kenya……..” (Kazi isiendelee). The dream of the equitable distribution of resources was well articulated within the “Majimbo” concept during the 2007 political rallies of the Orange Democratic Movement. The poor majority from all the 42 tribes voted for change.

It is simplistic to view the current conflict as a Luo /Kikuyu affair. In the Kenyan context tribes are being used to further political agenda and hit at rivals. The real problem is a stolen election. With intermarriages especially in the urban centers the tribal equation in the country has significantly changed since independence. The only time this vice shows up is during elections! Dictator Moi started his incumbency by his philosophy of following the footsteps of his predecessor and indeed he lived to his word. He used the “silencing” approach and again Luos took the most casualties during this reign culminating in the killing of the then foreign affairs minister, a Luo.

The Luo as a community uphold values that have caused them the greatest number of casualties including political assassinations. They are certainly the most outspoken community hence being silenced by dictators. The attempted coup during Moi’s regime was conveniently branded a Luo conspiracy even though court martial proceedings proved that the event on August 1st 1982 was a pre emptive strike to avert a well organized conspiracy and coup by mercenaries hired by a powerful individual in the Moi government, a Kikuyu, to wrestle power from him. Poor Luos had to be blamed again because the young junior officers in the military involved in the “preemptive strike” were from the Luo tribe. By the time the truth came out these poor souls had already been executed.

These gains are currently at risk with the Kibaki regime. Kibaki cronies think that Kenya is a small private kiosk in Othaya that you can run the way you want. BIG MISTAKE. The shoot to kill orders has brought the country back to the dark days of terror. Mungiki Militia is a state sponsored gang to conduct ethnic killings targeted at the ODM strong holds. This gang is unique because they are taking oaths in Kikuyu language and are now working in cahoots with the Kenyan police. Certainly this is not what Kenyans voted for when they peacefully lined up in the queues to vote for their candidates and with all these killings of innocent souls, Kenya will never be the same again. From the vows taken during Kenyatta’s regime to perpetually retain the presidency within certain geographical confines, to a recent portrayal of Raila Odinga as unelectable because he is a Luo, I truly believe that what is happening in Kenya today was designed then at a high level of conspiracy. It is evident that the 2007 election was unique. The electorate consciously chose their leaders and the post electoral demonstrations bear testimony. There is certainly a wave of change despite the killings and a repressive regime. The regime is on borrowed time!

Munala wa Munala, Kiptoo and associate press.


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