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“Raila Is The President Of Kenya”, Says George Bush.

Kenyans who reside in Sweden were not shocked when Kibaki and his cronies rigged their way in power last year. Those who reside in this part of the world are allergic to stealing and they remember what Mr.Kinyanjui, Mr. Kinywa and Mrs. Prurity Muhindi did the year 2006. To refresh your memories, the crooks above grabbed a big piece of land that belongs to the Kenyan embassy in Sweden and sold it to a Swedish man. ODM-KS intervened and the thieves returned the land to the Kenyan people secretly. Having said the above, President Bush began a visit to Africa on Saturday with a call for a power sharing agreement in Kenya to end the post-election conflict that has killed more than 2000 people and displaced more than 500  000 Kenyans.

In his statement, he was trying to say that he understands why Kenyans went violent after Kibaki stole elections. He was also saying that other election thieves in Africa must be on alert after the “Kenyan political Influenza” that has spread all over the world. Bush, whose five-nation trip does not include Kenya, is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Nairobi on Monday to back mediation efforts between Mwai Kibaki and the president of the people Raila Odinga by former United Nations chief Kofi Annan.

USA President stressed that Rice’s trip was intended to back up, not to upstage, Annan’s efforts in Kenya. He warned that the United States was ready to sanction any individuals who sought to obstruct the peace moves in the East African. He warned specifically the so called “government officials” that if they make any step that will not voice the interest of the Kenyan people, they will face the consequences. Iraq is an example of what can happen in Kenya if the thieves will continue stealing the democratic rights of the Kenyan people. Mr. Bush noted that “The Kenyan people decided that they wanted change but what they got was status quo.  “Kenya is an issue … that’s why I’m sending Secretary Rice there to help with the Kofi Annan initiative,” Bush said. Rice’s mission is “all aimed at having a clear message that there will be no violence and that there ought to be a power sharing agreement,” Bush said after holding talks with Benin President Thomas Boni Yayi.

The December 27 election has uprooted 500,000 people, plunging East Africa’s biggest economy into its most turbulent episode since independence. Bush said, “Any individuals seen as obstructing the effort for a peace process, a power sharing agreement will be subject to possible further sanctions by the U.S.,”. Bush, who was accompanied by his wife Laura, is avoiding Africa’s conflict hotspots and visiting five states carefully chosen to show a different face from the poverty-plagued and war-stricken continent normally portrayed by the world’s media.

The presidents of Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia are viewed by Washington as a new generation of democratic African leaders and the United States is backing them with health and education support and also some military cooperation. Commenting on Rice’s trip to Kenya, a senior U.S. official said that while some issues in the peace process were resolved, the power sharing deal will “take a little bit more time.” Annan has said that considerable progress was made this week, including agreement for an independent review of the polls. He is also seeking constitutional and electoral reforms.

The former U.N. chief will meet Kibaki and Odinga on Monday. Rice is due in Kenya on that day before negotiations resume on Tuesday. People like arrogant Martha Karua and her bunch of thieves must understand that their days are numbered. The Karuas must understand that they must learn how to sit officially before they can start ‘payukaring’ like small parrots that are learning how to bung. We have her companion in Sweden called Purity Muhindi but she met men and women in Sweden who made her to be wearing kitenge everyday. We don’t know what she wears inside the kitenge but all we know is that on top of kitenge is arrogance.

Karuas arrogance must be stopped once and for all. We are watching the situation in Kenya and we are learning who this woman is. Don’t encourage people to be violent. Understand that Kenya is a nation within nations and if Annan will fail, then we go the real Majimbo way. We are ready and we are just waiting to be told go. Don’t be the one that will send Kenyans into the second wave of violent. The whole world doesn’t recognize Kibaki and his cronies.  Kenya is an accident waiting to happen and the political influenza in Kenya will never get vaccination until Raila is in power. Kibaki and His Cronies Must Go!

Munala wa Munala.


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