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Young Kikuyus training with UPDF in Uganda.

It’s now confirmed, hundreds of young Kikuyu especially from clash affected areas of Rift Valley have been enrolled to undergo training in UPDF training Camps in Uganda.

Sources close to Military affairs in Uganda said that cracks are emerging among the top rank UPDF officials about enrollment of large numbers of foreign trainees from one Kenyan community whose motive are only known by CGS and President Museveni who is also C in C.

Back in Kenya Old and women IDPs are worried that young people from the camps are disappearing from the camps everyday. It is suspected the government and rich men from GEMA community particularly Uhuru, Chis Kirubi and Muchuki are supporting their movement and training in Uganda ready for possible civil war in Kenya. The same people have already exported consignment of armories from China transported through Uganda.

Kamau Ngethe.


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