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The People Of Kenya Will Never Give Up!

Jamii wants to take this opportunity to send condolences to the families of the late MPs David Were and David Kimutai who were assassinated for protected the Kenyan people. They are Heroes of Democracy and their dreams will never die. Their physical body is gone but their dreams are still with us. May God Bless Their Souls.

Having said the above, pressure continues to pile on the illegitimate regime in Kenya as we witness senseless killings of innocent people. It is now emerging that the ODM MPs are being executed to minimize the command in the parliament. Their number has been reduced by two and that means two vote are gone. Mungiki “army men” are actually all over the country and they have full protection of the police. Western, Riftvalley and Nyanza people cannot pass through Naivasha because the Mungiki thugs are all over.  At the rate things are going, we may be headed for a military solution. We are made to understand that Kibaki and his ilk had to seek the assistance of Mungiki and Museveni amry when the Kenya army defied orders to go out of the barracks and quell the civil unrest.

However, on the other hand, the pro-ODM army units who are a majority must wake up and save our country.  Raila is most popular presidential material among the military ranks and police and I don’t see why people are suffering when a solution is on the table. The development of inviting Uganda army into Kenya must irked the Kenya army so much and it must be one point for which they may never forgive Kibaki and a need to take position.

The Kibaki group was counting on the US support militarily and diplomatically, but with shifting of alliances and the firm position taken by the US government, they are feeling lost. The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission must continue pressurizing Kibaki especially in raising the issues relating to illegality of Kibaki being in

When Raila talks of a civilian coup de tat, many do not fathom the weightiness of that statement. Kibaki and his ilk should know he is in quicksand. Kenya is experiencing the biggest travesty of the law like no other day in our Kenyan history. Should the East Africa Court have been well in place, in power and structure; these are the kinds of issues that such an institution would handle. (The Rigging of Kenya Elections 2007).

Jamii Crew.


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