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Njoro Comments: Kenya’s Polling History & Integrity – Kenya’s Solution for Peace and Harmony.

Lydia you are speaking wisdom and direction we need to take extra care at this time when our unity is so threatened. Your analysis is biblical and true. Caution should be evident on the way forward with what is happening in Kenya now. We have the perfect opportunity to make or break. We will be held accountable before God if the choice or decisions we will take now will end up in more bloodshed, hatred, violence, destruction etc. We have to take individual responsibility and determine in our hearts to do something positive that will turnaround the scenarios we are seeing.

Some of us are highly gifted in this kind of stuff and are doing nothing about it. Both leaders in Kenya will have to lead all tribes not some. They need support from every Kenyan to succeed. By dividing us they will have, half support.
Many people are now very angry and pained at what has happened to their loved ones. We can only pray to the Almighty God to soften their hearts that there will be no revenge. God to flood their hearts with rivers of forgiveness. This can only be done by God. The devil will never rest until chaos occurs. He is now busy preaching negative impulses to us. His work is to steal, kill and destroy. Let us love Kenya enough to fore go our pain. If pain is handled positively it bears life. Jesus endured pain and became a slave and now we have free gift of Salvation.
I concur with Lydia and I quote below when she says that maybe our future potential president was killed in the violence that has rocked our country. Our backgrounds don’t matter if God has purposed to use someone.
What about the children of Kenya, don’t they have a part to play in nation building?  Why kill them in bloodshed instead of ensuring their security as future leaders and citizens of tomorrow?  Don’t we know that the untimely death of one innocent child can cost a nation great loss?  The potential invested in a child like that can never be realized again.  Leaders must know that without these children then there are no potentials for tomorrow’s leadership.  Could it be that Kenya is now paying the price of such losses in her desperate search for a potential leader?  Could it be that we lost some of our potential presidents at childhood at some point in time either through bloodshed or abortion?  Probably this is why we are unable to establish a good leader for ourselves.  Until and unless we acknowledge the need for the safety and well being of our children it will be impossible to progress.  In every generation there is always one with leadership potential even though we may not know who it is.”
We know in the bible that some historic leaders had to be hidden by their parents from being murdered. Some examples are Moses and Jesus. If Moses had been killed by pharaoh when the Jews boys were killed, Israelites would have died in Captivity. If Mary and Joseph Jesus’ parents did not run away from Herod, maybe we would not have been saved from the bondage of sin and eternal death!

Let us return to God in repentance and plead with God to heal our Land. Let’s not be partisan

B. Njoroge.


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