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Chairman CCM Sweden: Thank you ODM brethren for sending home Savior!

When a tree stops producing fruits or to be precise, when a tree never produces any fruits, you do according to what the Holy Scriptures says. Matthew 3:10. The waiting was long but the dream is realized. I take this moment to share great relief and freedom to have been freed from this “BUSH” that produced no fruits.

I am happy that it was done by the ballot and that we only send him home. I send my sincere regards to every single member of ODM and all Allies for sending home fellow brother Savior. I also congratulate Merende and his assistant Mr Maalim Farah for a well done job. I hope he,(Savior who never been) is not going to be NOMINATED. There are times when products are not recyclable and I am so sad to see this  happening in my own family.

In the gone past, 1987, the whole Mukogodo cried when he lost his parliamentary seat. Later, he was nominated. My mother was the Chairlady of the Munipisha Ntoiche women group who were the main campaigners in the whole region. Part of Laikipia East was in tears for loosing one Agwambo who was to be a real Savior. It was very sentimental and painful to hear the news about his defeat. In 1993, he made it to top! He was blessed with a chair with these effective characteristics for MAXIMUM-ORRDDEERR!!! IN-DA-HOUSE; to make or to break.

My fellow warrior chose to make the house of the Capitalist and break the hut/Manyattas of the common man. He forgot his background and history. He became like a lone buffalo in the Jungle. He was untouchable. This time around, my mother and the Munipicha women group will cry tears of joy and relief. They will not sing the same praise songs to their son fighting in a “world far away from theirs”, with “foreigners” who lives in a mysterious world called Nairobi.

Now, they are praising God for a new morning a new horizon and a new SON. This time, the son is not from their own village but from another one, apparently belonging to them, though located far away from theirs. This Il-laikipiak  Maasai women will see a new world that has always been in their own country. A world where sons of other women bring home “Unga “and a “Jerry Can”(food and water) of water to mothers in the villages despite them not coming from the same village.


Thank you Mum for voting wise and thank you Munipicha for letting him go. Maasaiwarrior, is a little boy who followed his mother and big boys campaigning for Kaparo in 1987. When the environment is right, he is also regarded as a blood relative to the fallen STAR!! With her beautiful voice, Mum used to hypnotize us with the name of the fallen bull spread out in the lyrics of her music.

Maasai! A changing people Ole Ngais Tells GK Putunoi “Saviour”! Go back to active politics. The people of Laikipia are prepare to receive the President of Kenya in Mukogodo division. I have read your remarks on Hon. Kaparo  By Godfrey Kampan Putunoi
Saidimu Ole Ngais


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