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Kenya’s Polling History.

The ‘kick in’and ‘kick out’ polling system exercised in our last two general elections cannot work for a God fearing nation.  It is not democracy at all.  It is not by how desperate we need change of power that determines who is a good leader, but by how patient we are in allowing God to initiate good change for us.  Rome was not built in a day.  Change is paramount in every society but must come at the right time and with the right personnel.  During the last days in office and prior to stepping down of our former president Moi, Kenya has continued to live by the mercies of God in having to sustain peace, love and unity.  A motto held by the previous regime despite mistakes made here and there. 

It is apparent to mention that Kenya has no president at all.  Mr Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga are good Kenyan politicians with a patriotic spirit to see Kenya prosper economically and democratically respectively not necessarily in the office of presidency.  However, due to our persistent cry for change God heard our cry and enabled Kibaki to step in as was the case with Saul of the Bible.  Kibaki is a well educated and one of the longest serving economists Kenya boasts of in her history only betrayed by a corrupt spirit that has held Kenya captive for a long time.  Once a finance minister, a vice president and now a president with experience on the Kenyan government with economic strengths does not mean the best president but at least one that can hold place until we have the right candidate from God. 

Since people count first, people leadership must count first and so combining financial economy and people economy from a people approach leadership style lacking in any form of experience requires a childlike attitude which has little to do with intellectual powers.  During the last five years in office, President Kibaki has proved himself capable of such a characteristic and needs to be given space and time to nurture this growing baby in him.  This is a step forward worthy of recommendation towards better leadership.  The worst we can do is to kill the chic before it is hatched.  Childlikeness is a leadership quality if well practiced its fruits are more productive than destructive.  The integrity of our leaders is what will deliver Kenya from every mess whether from a literacy or illiteracy perspective. 

All said and done the fact that Mr. Mwai Kibaki has found himself in office for a second term does not mean the doom of Kenya.  It means that Kenya does not yet have someone ripe enough as we desire to take over the leadership affairs of Kenya with all fear and reverence to Supreme power.  It is not our level of desperation in demonstrating our frustrations that moves God, but our integrity in pledging our national independent loyalty in nation building as demonstrated by those who have exercised it to the extent that they have gained for themselves both national and continental prestige. Scanning through the list of the just concluded presidential candidates, it is apparent to mention that even those who are potentially capable in terms of integrity, stature and mannerism are not coming out yet to vie for the presidential seat.  One of the notable mannerisms Mr. Daniel Moi exhibited with integrity was wisdom for leadership. 

He exercised authority and powers a symbol of one born to lead.  This means that a leader is born and not just elected.  Whereas Mr. Odinga demonstrates intellectual and democratic affluence good for nation building but without a solemn spirit it is void of power.  A leader of this nature leads better at backstage level where there is real work to be done.  Raila should not therefore limit his leadership contributions to a presidential position but remain content in whatever capacity he may hold as one of the most influential sons of Kenya.  His efforts and desire to see Kenya from a new perspective are highly appreciated by all Kenyans and he remains as one of Kenya’s historical figures in the struggle for eradication of corruption.  God sees all his efforts and He rewards those who diligently seek Him not based on our ways but His ways. 

Apparently manipulation has taken control of backstage leadership in Kenya to the extent that leaders have lost value for this position which requires faithful individuals to hold.  No one seems to be interested with this noble place of leadership.  The Biwott omen has betrayed this office and left a lot to be desired.  Nevertheless dwelling on Biwott as a person will not help us much rather let us learn from his mistakes, forgive him and ask God to heal this office and restore the spirit of counsel upon individuals who should be advising our leaders truthfully.  Let us rather instead of fault finding leave that to God and seek for recovery of the integrity of backstage leadership and render service faithfully to our beloved country. 

We must understand that the president alone cannot serve Kenya effectively.  His main task is to simply take authority and exercise presidential powers bestowed upon him to oversee the welfare of the whole nation with wisdom and justice.  Is it sane for us at this juncture to let Mr President take office and begin to administer duty effectively?  Is it not true that if we don’t let him commence duty then it is thirst for power with evil hidden agenda?  If it is true that Biwott had strong grips over Moi’s regime where then are the good Biwotts of now sleeping who instead of manipulation will be determined to render the right services?  This is a sensitive task and those seeking to undertake it must be sincere and faithful Kenyans who have no motives for revenge.  Anyone with a revengeful mind cannot lead at this level because this can only lead to worse circumstances instead of better. 

Vengeance cannot be exercised from a human point of view but from a sole Supreme power.  May God jealously guard and appoint good counselors for Kenya.  Fellow Kenyans it is time to arise in the spirit of forgiveness and repentance from evil and admit that we have all failed duty to our country in one way or the other: whether as a politician or mere citizen.  Such integrity will usher in a new era of love, peace and unity a spirit we once held as a foundation for nation building.  It is absolutely necessary to renew our minds to the realization that this ‘motto’ is not a Moi thing but a Kenyan spirit we should never loose. 

Children of Kenya

What about the children of Kenya, don’t they have a part to play in nation building?  Why kill them in bloodshed instead of ensuring their security as future leaders and citizens of tomorrow?  Don’t we know that the untimely death of one innocent child can cost a nation great loss?  The potential invested in a child like that can never be realized again.  Leaders must know that without these children then there are no potentials for tomorrow’s leadership.  Could it be that Kenya is now paying the price of such losses in her desperate search for a potential leader?  Could it be that we lost some of our potential presidents at childhood at some point in time either through bloodshed or abortion?  Probably this is why we are unable to establish a good leader for ourselves.  Until and unless we acknowledge the need for the safety and well being of our children it will be impossible to progress.  In every generation there is always one with leadership potential even though we may not know who it is. 

Who ever knew that Moi will ever rise up to the position of president and the longest serving president of Kenya given the poor circumstances he grew under.  What about the likes of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru who grew up from grass to grace and the list is endless.  The fact that some children live and are raised in poor environments with almost impossible means of survival does not mean that they are not entitled to the gift of life and security.  We have no idea who those children will be in the Kenya of tomorrow and have no rights under all costs to terminate their innocent lives.  They are entitled to all forms of security and rights whether they dwell in the slams, streets, countryside or the big cities.  Invading and destroying their only private places of domain and habitation be it in a paper, ‘mabati’ or wooden structure is illegal by the constitutional law of nature.  This is one of the crimes our leaders need to repent from. 

People’s homes deserve maximum respect and approach even if the invasion is by military command.  The military of Kenya and other African countries must know this virtue if it is not taught in their military schools.  The approach must be honorable and not revengeful as displayed in the recent attacks especially of those in the slam areas.  The home is the only place one can find safety and protection when the government is in disarray.  Have our leaders lost mercy to the point that we do not even care about the basic below income scales the slum dwellers earn in ‘jua kali’ and other hard but low paying jobs in order to just provide a daily meal for their families leave alone comfort.  It is with this same approach that the poor cannot give the rich rest in their homes too by continuously harassing them through thefts and robberies.  It is as if we have mastered in creating trouble for ourselves.

Is it possible to treat people right if we want to enjoy the safety of our own country?.  The rough and inhuman military approach is a reflection of an angry and revengeful nation more than a peace seeking nation.  If this is what we have for security then we are in trouble.  Is there not any military etiquette in handling national violence to restore peace?  Whatever goes on in the military camps must be examined thoroughly for a secure Kenya of tomorrow.  God needs our 100% cooperation in order to establish His counsel for us. 

All children deserve good amenities socially, academically, medically and economically to be provided in their areas essential for nurturing their full potential upbringing and realization.  This is what our leaders must be working to achieve.  Please stop killing our children and support their lives.  Enough is enough.  There is no better life we can give to these children than to invest in their overall future well being for better nation building.  Let it be that God will not turn away His ears from us until we awaken to the call for love and care of these young helpless ones.  All leaders in their different capacities are of equal value none is better than the other.  The president is not better than the sub-chief neither is a minister better than a back bencher.  Each is of equal potential in nation building.  It is how well one chooses to administer duty in their respective offices showing commitment to the people with all humility and honesty and not to meet their own selfish needs as has been the case before. 

The New Parliament

God has already effected numerous positive changes for us by flooding the government with newly freshly elected members of parliament with opposition numbering a majority.  So which other victory is Raila and other Kenyans still engaged in violence looking for.  The point is that whether from opposition or not everyone has an equal opportunity to serve Kenya.  Those with a hidden agenda will be exposed and justly eliminated with time.  Complaining is a strategy of the devil and God hates it.   Let us calm down our hot tempers and make peace with one another as a sign of integrity.  Recovering our sober minds will open our eyes to see all these changes and begin to appreciate and praise God for this great deliverance. 

I presuppose that Mr Raila should have been one of the most grateful Kenyans to see that what he has been fighting for has already been achieved atleast 80% during these elections.  It is time for all of us to settle down to the leadership of Mwai Kibaki and learn to work together.  When Raila and Kibaki held their unity among others during the early stages of multipartism they were able to achieve much.  It is advisable for hon. Raila to quit cheap politics of making unpredictable moves from time to time from party to party as he did in the previous regime.  Although done with good intentions but it is ethically wrong a move predicting traits of a betrayer.  This should be avoided for his own integrity.  Rather work towards recovering trustworthiness, reliability and honesty in the heart of a serious Mwananchi casting his or her vote with sincerity. 

Perhaps this was the cutting edge between his votes and Mr. Kibaki’s.  Wisdom demands that one makes one firm dedicated stand in serving the interests of the people as a way of preserving our already gained independence.  Let us turn away from every wickedness and endeavour to pledge our loyalty to the people and nation of Kenya in our solemn spirit of love, peace and unity to the glory of God the Father. This is an awakening call for all Kenyans to mend and put back our garment of praise we have lost and wherever you are as a child of Kenya or one who loves the people of Kenya help us in one voice to echo these words of praise to our Creator who has apportioned Kenya for us.  On behalf of Kenya please take a moment and pray these words which will open the way for healing and restoration of Kenya from this day and forevermore. 

“Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer, And attend to the voice of my supplication.  Forgive us of all our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  We praise You and love You for all You have done for Kenya.  We acknowledge You are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Thanks be to Your holy name” AMEN.

Lydiah Mukasa


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