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Integrity – Kenya’s Solution for Peace and Harmony.

The Kenyan political picture now is full of confusion, bloodshed, untimely deaths and loss of peace which is as a result of poor integrity leadership tactics practiced by those in office.  It is not only those in Kenya right now who are experiencing the physical and mental torture of this menace, but world over has been affected by it both spiritually and mentally. 

Those in the Christian circles worldwide cannot rest until the peace of Kenya has been fully restored.  Kenya has enjoyed peace as a free gift from God more than any country within the African continent and in comparison with those in the Eastern and other parts of the world who have not known peace as a blessing.  Besides efforts made by those who fought for our independence to cultivate this peace to the point of death, Kenya has continued to lavish in peace despite efforts being engineered not to preserve it.  It is only by the pure mercies of God that we have continued to enjoy it as a token of love for Kenya.  Peace therefore stands out as one of Kenya’s most spoken and celebrated achievement which has been and remains her greatest strength for prosperity and stability envied by many.  It is impossible to sit back in silence and watch this treasure being drained out like wasted water in sewage through shedding of innocent blood. 

One of the most challenging experiences of a Christian for instance, is to second plead with God for something He has already granted only being mismanaged by lack of integrity.  Most times we look at our physical heritage as of more value than our spiritual not knowing that when our spiritual heritage is tampered with the physical cannot sustain.  Where then is our heritage?  We must as Kenyans know that peace is one of our greatest strengths in nation building.  A heritage that is right now being stolen from us at all the cost.  We have in the past sold away part of our physical heritage for the sake of money in the name of rebuilding our economy.  The greatest economy we first need to master to manage well is people.  When we are corrupt in managing people it is obvious that we will be corrupt in all other areas together with the people. 

Money is such a perishable commodity that if only Kenya could choose to learn to uphold more on her moral value systems focusing more on people leadership then our physical heritage will automatically enjoy safety under the care of our own people.  We will not be worried about our economy.  Kenya needs to strengthen her people value systems in order to have a viable government in place.  When there is loss of value in people it is impossible to lead and control money, roads, trees, animals and other valuable physical and natural resources necessary for economic stability and sustenance.  As a matter of concern we have concentrated more on economic leadership to the extent that we have disapproved even our intellectual leadership ability and instead are suffering from corruption, injustice, abuse, security and now peace.  People leadership is a secret to economic growth and security. 

An immediate internal overhaul of leadership techniques is paramount for Kenya before any other forms of external help is called for.  Much as external intervention is necessary for general peace talks and international relations on a normal day as has always been the case with Kenya, it is also time to sharpen our antennas and listen carefully to sources which may only be self centered with hidden motives to see Kenya loose her internal peace completely.  Perhaps for wisdom’s sake necessarily for the president not to engage in signing of any documents under the influence of pressure and adversity until peace is fully restored in the hearts of many both internally and externally.  This is an act of integrity and must be appreciated. 

It is only sane for Kenyans to acknowledge that anxiety is the mother of calamity just as revenge is the mother of violence.  There are hungry lions out there that in the name of peace are cunningly thirsty for the blood of Kenyans.  It is time for us to carefully watch and submit to the president in office and as peace loving Kenyans grant him every support and protection from external pressure.  Well this is the only way forward as far as our own integrity is concerned. 

Notably, our friends from the west can at least boast of economic stability of which primarily the secret is in the basic people leadership techniques which make everyone relevant in leadership.  This is contrary to African people who believe in single handed leadership.  This is impossible for economic growth.  It is the people that one is leading who are better leaders of what one is leading be it sub-chief, chief, minister or president.  On the other hand it is wrong to invest all our expectations in the success of one individual and man for that matter.  Only God deserves such dignity.  Man is bound to failure.  Instead we can avoid this similar mistake made before in our polling history and work towards achieving much in our individualistic positions in the spirit of unity and cohesion.  Let us avoid striving for one top position which only needs one humble man who is depending on God and the genuine integrity and performance of the team he is working with towards positive success. 

Therefore whether Kibaki or Raila is in office, it is only the people who can determine the end of corruption or not, no matter whether the president has a corrupt free record or not.  When Moi took over leadership he had no corruption history but the people who were more corrupt than him influenced his corrupt ability.  Everyone has ability to be corrupt; they only need to choose good integrity principles in the midst of a people who have chosen to be corrupt free in order to crash the serpent of corruption.  This is not only a solution for Kenya and Africa but the world at large.  Perhaps pure medicine for people grabbers, land grabbers, oil grabbers, money grabbers, gold grabbers and peace grabbers just to mention but a few.  A lot depends on the people.  This is to say as long as we expect much from the president we must know that he cannot do the actual work alone from state house.  He needs our cooperation support in order to influence his positive thinking and reaction to issues.  If our cooperate need is money then we are bound to influence his leadership ability to only think of borrowing money from the west at the expense of every eligible resources forsaking our initial purpose as Kenyans to protect and preserve our nation as signified in our National Anthem’s second verse.
“Let one and all arise
with hearts both strong and true
Service be our earnest endeavour
And our homeland of Kenya
Heritage of splendour
Firm may we stand to defend”.

Lidyiah Mukasa.  Sweden.


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