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We Must Keep Kenya Stable And Peaceful.

Following accusations that Mwai Kibaki had rigged the December 2007 elections, hundreds of Kenyans were killed, and thousands were displaced and property worth millions was destroyed.  Kenyans of all walks have condemned Kibaki for rigging elections. Media houses in Sweden have focused on the Kenyan rigged election and Kenyans in this region have been having meeting after meeting to see which way forward. Several organizations have been formed and many Kenyans in Sweden are more informed on the political situation in our motherland than before.

Mrs Purity Muhindi, the Kenyan ambassador to Sweden must be enjoying so much since her name has been missing on the main menu of Stockholm gossips media. Many readers who reside in Sweden are wondering if she is still in Sweden or she left. Well, she is still around for some time. She had to cut short her holidays after she heard that Kibaki had “won” the elections. She celebrated the “victory” with her family and few friends at her residence in Nacka. She has never attended any of the meetings even the prayers and the lighting of the candles in remembrance of those who lost their lives in Kenya. We are yet to see her coming up with some kind of initiative to unite Wakenya who seems to be drifting apart after the rigged elections were announced in favor of Kibaki.

Having said the above, Kenyans in Stockholm have been so much concerned about the situation in Kenya. Several new organizations have been born with the aim of helping Kenya to recover democratically, socially and economically. Mr. Kenneth Marende the Speaker of the 10th parliament and an ODM member brought some joy in Stockholm after it was announced that he won to be the speaker. It was a big win for ODM and a good sign to Kibaki that his case will be handled with care. Kenyans now faces the prospect of a “government” that has lost the confidence of its people and a prolonged political stalemate or further outbreaks of violence if nothing happens fast. Pressure is mounting and Wakenya in Sweden have joined the United States, Europe, and the African Union to pressurize Kibaki but the pressure has yet to yield a solution from Kibaki.

The urgency of the situation is only magnified by the critical role Kenya plays geopolitically. Kenya is a relatively open society with a history of multi-party politics and an economy that serves as a regional hub. Due to its proximity to crisis-stricken countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan, it also houses the headquarters of significant humanitarian operations. Kenya has facilitated regional diplomatic efforts such as the peace process between north and south Sudan and attempts to reconcile Somalia’s warring factions. With this kind of history, Kenyans are not ready to lose what they have been building for the last 44 years.

Keeping Kenya stable and peaceful will require focusing on its youths. More than 50 percent of Kenyans are under thirty. These youths, many of whom are poor and unemployed present specific challenges that must be addressed as a matter of prompt. They have no commitment to the current system, because it has excluded them and above all it has cheated them. Kenya particularly is vulnerable to civil conflict if the issues concerning youth is not addressed. To facilitate this young people, policymakers should spur job creation and education opportunities. This is the beginning of the truth and reconciliation which will lead to a peaceful Kenya that all of us hope for.

Munala Wa Munala.


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