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Kenya Will Never Be The Same Again.

Kenyans are still living in fear that something is going to happen wrong any time since the political temperature in our country is still high. Kenyans of all walks have tried to pressurize Kibaki to step down but the Mzee has refused knowing very well that his actions will degenerate into more bloodshed. Kibaki has shown Kenyans that he is cruel, brutal and employing craft and terror on the very people he is supposed to protect. In his political dealings, he is unconcerned with the moral consequences of his fraud nature. He is determined to accomplish his goals through brutality and violence in his campaigns for power. His undemocratic rule must be an eye opener to Kenyans that election is just a modality in Kenya politics. We are dealing with a totalitarian leader who cares for no one apart from his political interest. He has killed multi-party system in Kenya by buying all small parties to support his dirt agenda.

Another opportunist deserter Mr. Kalonzo has joined him to misrule Kenya through his miracle dream. Kalonzo knows very well that he is working with a thief who stole the 2007 elections. It is a dark, intolerant superstitious moment in our country and all level headed Kenyans must continue reminding Kibaki that he stole elections and must step down. Kenya will never develop under such situation because Kibaki is surrounded with a gang of thieves who wants to milk our country. How can we accept to be led by a gang of thieves and political prostitutes like Kalonzo? Kenyans consider themselves as level headed and you can not cheat them.  The ghost of tribalism that we have been fighting for the last 44 years has risen and it is living among us. Defenseless Kenyans are being raped, murdered and even jailed for defending democracy. For how long are we going to say God save us while our people are perishing?

For now Kibaki can prevail by force but he will never bring anything to successful end because the blood of Kenyans that is still running fresh in our land will never be forgotten. Kibaki must know that the temper of the mass is unpredictable and while it is easy to persuade them, it is going to be hard to fix them in persuasions. You can not compel people to believe you by force. Kenyans are watching you in horror as the GSU kill innocent young people and children. History will be on your neck Mr Kibaki.

Conflict is a mutual misunderstanding between two or more individuals, entities, or partners. It derives from the fact that the sending and receiving of messages between two individuals, entities or partners are not always clear. In the Kenyan case, people rejected Kibaki by voting him out. The message was very clear but Kibaki forced himself to the people of Kenya and that’s why the violence erupted. In addition, the difference in values or beliefs among few Kenyans who are elites makes conflict more inevitable since the elites who have possession of some resources find the idea of sharing resources an unattainable objective. For instance, the Kenyan case is a conflict that has existed from the Kenyatta error but it has never been expressed (hidden conflict). It is now that Kenyans want their share of National cake and the soon Kibaki discovers the better.
Since the Kenyan conflict is inevitable, it is indispensable for someone to know how to deal effectively with such a human imperfection? A win/win solution can find away to remove obstacles, redefining a win in favor of ODM, and providing a long-term perspective where power must be shared. In my view, as long as Kibaki remains on a stolen seat, conflict will continue through the struggle to pressurize Kibaki to let Kenya be led by democratically elected leaders like Raila Odinga. The tribal and elections rigging problem in Kenya is like a mother who has two sons and the mother is a widower who simply does not possess the required maturity to raise those two sons in an equitable manner. She gives preferential treatment to one son (tribe) while scorning the other (other tribe). What do you expect the other son to do?

A main ingredient is still missing in the Kenyan struggle to restore democracy and once Kibaki steps down, Kenyans will start singing for joy. The arrogant approach attitude of the elites creates a constant threat to national security and they must step down and let Kenya to continue with its peace record in Africa. It is tragic how Kibaki and his cronies arrogantly presume to be the ideal leaders of Kenya. Kenyans are coming up and your time is out Mr. Kibaki.

Munala wa Munala.


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