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Kenyans Shall Overcome!

Given the nature of the security dilemma in our country Kenya, things are turning out to be complicated. The events in our country have been tragic and we can predict that things are going to be hotter in the coming future. Kenyans have been killed trying to protect democracy, innocent civilians have suffered just to name a few. Mr. Kibaki has concentrated so much on spreading the gospel of Kazi Iendelee but he has forgotten that he has created disorder that is doing more damage than his Kazi Iendelee slogan. Raila on the other side is still in the land of political dreams hoping that Kibaki will soften. Mr. “Miracle” Kalonzo is so happy with his position as the Vice-president. Well here remain the poor Kenyans who have no where to stay, food, water, money, job and the list is long. Politics is a dirty game and we must realize that stealing is part of the political game though we don’t encourage it. Kibaki’s society of elite individuals has forgotten justice and democracy must be respected by all Kenyans and not only the poor people.
His discriminatory cabinet came at a wrong time when Kenyans had gone through a lot. Kenyans in Sweden are following the unfolding in Kenya very closely. Pastor Beatrice Kamau told Jamii that she has been following Kenya politics for long and one thing she can tell Wakenya is that Kenya is leaderless. She told Kenyans to lead themselves since the people that are supposed to lead them are so greedy and unfocused. Taking Kalonzo as an example, she wondered why on earth born again Christians like Kalonzo don’t show passion for their country?  Currently, Kalonzo is the Vice-president of Kenya. He worked with Moi for more than 15 years and during that period Kenya was going through a lot of pain due to Moi’s misrule. Many are wondering if a real reformer, a real anti corruption crusader, a real democrat, a real people’s person who cared about the ordinary poor in the slums and their sufferings really stick with Moi for all those years.
In the game of political power, everything must be judged by actions not words. For now Kalonzo has deserted the very poor people he said he will defend and he is sitting with one of his political enemies at the state house. Kalonzo’s actions have shown time and time again that he abetted corruption, he cheered Moi when he was looting our economy for 24 years and now he is working with a president that many believes he rigged elections. Is that how a good Christian leader is supposed to rule? The bible says the children of the light cannot walk with the children of darkness. Kalonzo’s recent move to accept the VP position is out of tune when our country is burning. His recent actions show that he is only doing what he has been doing all along – worry about himself and the ordinary poor Kenyans be doomed.

Kenyans have been enslaved by the extremist ruling class for many years and it is time for a common Kenyan to wake up and realize that Kibaki and Raila are the same and they cannot change their lives. People of Kenya have suffered enough and it is time for soberness to take control. Kenyan political leaders are greedy and unreliable. The 550 people who died are poor people while Raila and Kibaki are still alive and planning meetings after another. Kibaki and his hardliners must know that they cannot continue to rule the rest of Kenya by force. The courts are full of Presidents tribes-mate and friends led by none other than the Chief Justice. The NSIS boss is Kikuyu, the CID boss is a Kikuyu, criminal prosecutor and most state counsels within Sheria House (AG Chambers) are Kikuyu, the Treasury and KRA are dominated by Kikuyu, the Central Bank is headed by Kikuyu and so are the head of most parastatals and state corporations. Most of the above have been strategically planted by Kibaki and his hardliners to use them to enslave the rest of Kenyans. The grip and control of nearly all state owned institutions is meant to demoralize the rest of Kenyans.

The tragedy of it all is that even when the rest of Kenyans exercise their democratic right to vote out Kibaki and his GEMA ruling class, elections is stolen from them and peaceful demonstrations by the opposition is criminalized. What hope is there? What should the rest of Kenyans do? For how long will the ruling class arrogantly enslave the rest of poor Kenyans? For how long will we endure the pain of being unemployed? For how long are we going to witness the arrogance of the ruling class?  Who is going to stop Uhuru Kenyatta in 2012 to rig his way in and force down the throats of common Kenyans? Kibaki has refused to listen to the majority Kenyans and Kalonzo has been planted at the state house strategically to confuse Kenyans come 2012.

Strategically Kalonzo will be used as long as he sings Kibaki Tena but one day he will wake up and read on the wall that Uhuru Kenyatta is the Vice-president. Does Mr. Miracle still support the BOMAS draft? What about Kibaki is corrupt song he used to sing in Sunday school? Why did he not support Kibaki from day one?  Mr. Vice-president be careful, Kenyans are watching you and welcome to Sweden so that we can say hallo and congratulate you. By the way do you still believe that Kibaki is very old and you cannot work with corrupt leaders? Mr. Clean, what about 2005 when you were fired by the same Kibaki? Well all I can say is Bwana asifiwe and all the best. In Sweden you already have an office and a branch of your ODM-Kenya party is in full operation.

Raila definitely had great time during campaigns and he won the 2007 elections democratically. Everyone knows that election was stolen. Kibaki has gone even further by slapping him in the face by naming his cabinet. What next Mr. Raila? Maybe it is time to accept the reality that stealing is part of the game as long as they don’t catch you. If a thief breaks in your house, you have two alternatives, call the police or you fight him. Fighting is not the best alternative because a thief knows that anything can happen and by the time he comes, he is normally armed.  Raila, you have a great publicity, people believe that you have been wronged and now it is time for you to give your supporters true leadership. The 2007 elections was not really about Kikuyu oppressing Kenyans, this is a story Kenyans are using because your supporters feels cheated, powerless and having someone to blame is a useful thing to reduce stress. It’s a very powerful emotion and I hope that whoever takes power after the so called meetings will address that issue.

Many people in Sweden agree that the election results were not legitimate.  But unfortunately, the public is so wrongfully polarized at this point, that it makes no sense to allow their manipulated sense of having been wronged become the determinant of an immediate election. People must get back to work and get their daily bread. Politics is not merely a struggle for physical power, but also a contest over legitimacy. Once Kibaki is on that seat, it will take a lot of energy to kick him out.  It is a political fact that the belief in wrong and right helps to move people to act and therefore, legitimacy is power but Kibaki is there so what is your next move? However, we cannot win by going the violent way. If we resort to violence, we will destroy our democracy and criminal elements will thrive in the resulting chaos hence undermining our peaceful efforts.

It is not great that we have this unelected government now in power.  They were declared the winners but the election results are certainly in question. Our country is more important than one person. Raila is still a champion for many Kenyans, but he must relax and get it together before he makes the next move. Kibaki and Odinga must demonstrate that they want a unified country.  A government of national unity would be the right thing.  I wish Kenyans well.

Munala wa Munala.


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