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Kenyans In Sweden Unites To Condemn Senseless Killings In Kenya.

A little more than a week ago, 400 Kenyans lost their lives in one of the senseless killings in our country Kenya. Last week, religious leaders, political leaders, members of civil society and Kenyans residing in Sweden met to light candles, pray for Kenya and even strike a way forward on how we can help those in need. Around 30,000ksh was collected and a committee was set under the leadership of Mr. Githuku wa Muirani. The committee is going to oversee a fundraising that will take place on the 26th Jan 2008. Mr. Muirani is a born again Christian and the director of Kibaki Tena Sweden. The purpose of these remarkable gatherings was to discuss the political realities currently facing our nation. The discussions roamed across the full gamut of challenges facing the people of Kenya especially during this dark period. Private properties have been destroyed, loss of lives, looting and many other issues that are destroying our democracy were tabled. In every way, the gatherings could be described as an intellectually stimulating given the fact that people were willing to discuss issues and not personalities that divide them.

The participants came out with great hopes in the face and they hoped that political leaders in Kenya will find a way to come out of the mess. It was not the UN, NGO, or any other politically motivated body in Sweden that sponsored these gatherings, rather than the people of Kenya who resides in Sweden especially those who are concerned with the situation or rather the crisis that has hit their beloved land of Kenya. In all the gatherings, Kenyans exhibited tremendous concerns about the political situation in Kenya. Mr. Githuku wa Muirani, the chairman of Kibaki Tena Sweden and a preacher, condemned both Raila and Kibaki for failing Kenyans because of their own personal political interests. He told Jamii that Kenya was still leaderless due to lack of statesmanship in our leaders. “All our Kenyan leaders are tribal chiefs”, said angry Muirani. The politician/preacher who is famously known in the way he mingles politics and religion has given significant portion of his intelligence to assist the people of Kenya in realizing their dreams of a healthier, safer, and more prosperous democratic country.

Another politician who raised his voice was Mr. Daniel Mwaura. He told Jamii that Kenya is bigger than Kibaki and Raila. Kibaki and Raila are just passing clouds but Kenya will remain for Kenyans. Mr Mwaura condemned the killings and blamed the bloggers for writing inflammatory statements against the Kikuyu nation. He asked all Kenyans to love one another and he led other Kenyans in singing Kenyan national anthem. At the same gathering, Mr. Steve told Kenyans that people don’t eat politics; they must get back to work to build our nation. “Kenya is a working nation”, he said. He warned those who are inciting Kenyans to fight that they will be taken to court of law. The group was lighting candles in remembrance to those who were killed in Kenya last week. More than 25 people came to light the candle on Saturday last week under the leadership of Mr. Clay Onyango.

Many Kenyans who reside in Sweden must have realized the profound personal commitments of their fellow country men and women when it comes to assistance. Hard-core critics of all time will never appreciate anything that is organized out of their reach. Last week, Kenyans in Sweden demonstrated that they are still united despite what the critics says. It was a week when all were tuned to Kenyan news, airtime companies gained a big deal coz Kenyans were calling Kenya like it was the end of the world and even those who are not Kenyans got to know Kenya exists. This week, we are waiting for the demonstration that has been organized by ODM-KS on Friday.  The humanitarian office that was opened last week is under Pastors Samson Kariuki, Beatrice Kamau, Muraya Mwangi, and Githuku wa Muiraini. Others are Jeff Olengais, Sussan Mukami, Daniel Mwaura, Njoroge Bryan, Clay Onyango and many others. The committee is open for constructive members to join.

Despite the many hardships faced by Kenyans in this region of Scandinavia, many have shown solidarity when it comes to helping our nation. Kenya is poised to be a leader in Africa when it comes to democracy. The crisis in Kenya has shown that Kenya is controlling east and central Africa economy. Kenya on the other hand serves as an example for all African nations struggling mightily to stabilize their countries. Hopeful signs are emerging and many can smell calmness coming soon. Kenyans have shown that when it comes to defending democracy, they are ready to do it at any cost. Whichever way it will goes, the ghost of tribalism has just risen from the grave where we buried it 44 years ago. It will be better for Kenyans to discuss issues related to tribalism with sober mind because it exists.

With politics and killings dominating the discussions last week, it would be fair to ask: What is the future of our country? What can we contribute to these seemingly much untold suffering of our people? Will Kenya be the same again? In the minds of many, Raila and Kibaki are the problem. The people of Kenya have been cheated and we hope we can accept the reality on the ground that people were angry after they realized that their democratic rights were being stolen from them, though they directed their anger on the wrong innocent people, the common poor Kenyans. For a prosperous and stable Kenya to capitalize on the crisis of the present moment, it will need to pursue the formation of cultural, political, and economic institutions that allow Kenyans to choose their leaders freely and to recognize that Kenyans can no longer be cheated. Kenya is a tribalist country and we must learn to accept it. To chart a new course, Kenyans must say ‘no’ to the undemocratic leaders who want to destabilize our country.

Kenya’s religious leaders know that they must be the ones who preach and teach responsibility and accountability. Kenyans are finding it difficult to believe them because some of them preach hatred. The task of proclaiming the virtues of honesty and the benefits of hard work falls to them in a unique way. They are the ones who must and will confront political leaders by speaking hard truths to a society averse to hearing it. Finally, it is they who are the creators and stewards of a morally informed culture—a culture that forms the foundation of authentic freedom and the necessary precondition of lasting democratic Kenya. They have to pray so that Kenya can have few political thieves be it during elections or even after. May Peace prevail in our motherland Kenya!!!

Munala wa Munala.


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