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Kenya Going The Rwanda Way!

Since Kibaki stole elections last week, more than 300 people have died. Wakenya in Stockholm have been concerned a bout their loved ones in Kenya and they are even more worried because they don’t want another Rwanda in Kenya. They condemned dictator Kibaki for causing innocent people to die. A very angry Kenyan in Stockholm told Jamii that if Kibaki is ready to cause the instability in Kenya, then let him eat all those dead bodies because that’s what he enjoys. “This man (Kibaki) wants to cause instability in Kenya because he knows his time is out, he wants to confuse Kenyans so that they can continue robbing and looting our country”, said the Kenyan. With the situation changing from bad to worse, Wakenya in this region are condemning Kibaki for the conflict and they said that they will continue encouraging their fellow Kenyans to continue with the struggle to liberate their country. “No Raila No Peace”, they said.

Kenya is one of the few countries in Africa that has maintained peace since independent. If Kibaki was a patriotic citizen of Kenya, the best thing he could have done for his country is to resign and pave way for Raila Odinga to take over power. After Raila won the elections in a democratic way, Kibaki rigged his way in hoping that Wakenya will not act in response. History has taught us how the Mt. Kenya Mafias have been ruling our land. Worse enough, Kibaki has put his Kikuyu people in a bad position because people are now generalized the situation to be a Kikuyu agenda. It will take time before people will see it otherwise. It is time for Kibaki and his gang of thieves to pack and go and remember history will charge them for all the evils they have done to the poor people of Kenya.

The annoyance against Kibaki and his cronies has degenerated with the fading hunger for a new constitution, pending cases of Armenian report, Anglo Leasing, Golden Berg, Ndungu report, nepotism, tribalistic appointment of civil servants and the scandal list in relation to Kibaki is too long for anyone to think about Kibaki being the president of Kenya. Just like voters were equipped to vote out their soiled MPs in 2007, they were more determined in larger numbers to throw Kibaki out because of his bad records. It is a worrying anger that a mature leader will sense the danger and pave way for peace to be restored in the country. The entire country is burning because Kenyans are hungry for new leaders. Kenyans will never rest until they get what they voted for.

More telling is the reason for their anger, Central Kenya MPs inability to exercise transparency and accountability coupled with their poor development records. Kenyan people spoke last week and their voice was grounded by dictator Kibaki. When people are united for the same cause, they cannot be defeated. Kenyan people are going to win at the end of their struggle. Kenyans showed a level of maturity during election period and it is not worthy for them to accept a thief to lead them. The Kenyan electorate can never be cheated. The struggle that our young boys and girls have launched will never stop until they get what they deserve. Kenyans are no longer ready to follow their leaders blindly, they know exactly how they would like to elect their leaders in or out as the case may be. We shall overcome by time!

This could be a wake up call for political leaders like Kibaki who may still think they can get away with the tactics of the Moi’s era. The red light that this poll has shown Kibaki supporters is that those who harbor going it rigging way in the next elections will walk straight into the slaughter house. (Moi verse 1978-2002 and Kibaki verse 2007). Kenyan electorate decided that political power must be shared and Kenyans were voting on that line. This sent a strong signal to political thieves like Kibaki that their time is up unless they rig the elections.

Kenyans have shown it clear that they no longer trust Kibaki in dealing decisively with the outcomes of Golden Berg, Anglo Leasing, Ndungu and the Armenian reports. The best alternative for Kibaki is to resign and ask for apology from Kenyans for cheating them. Kibaki has destroyed his legacy and he has no one to blame. Wakenya in Sweden are ready to support any struggle that will make sure that Kibaki is toppled and Raila Odinga get his presidential seat which he won democratically. The stuggle continues.

Munala wa Munala.


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