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Kibaki Has Prepared A Recipe for Civil war In Kenya.

Wakenya in Sweden are calling for all progressive forces in Kenya and abroad today to come out and oppose, resist and stop Kibaki and Moi fascist rule and there unpatriotic strategy of killing democracy in Kenya. Even if heaven comes back to earth, we refuse to recognize Kibaki as our elected president.  The on-going election fracas in Kenya is something of the past and all patriotic Kenyans must declare Raila Odinga to be the president of Kenya. Kibaki can go to OTHAYA and be the president there. Raila won through the ballot and it is very clear that Kibaki has used a back door to sit illegal on Railas seat. We are going to support any struggle that is going to make sure that Raila regains the seat. (By all means necessary)

We condemn other opportunists, reactionary forces and political prostitutes led by central Province MPs’ and other ethnical tribal chiefs who are brain washed and their blind support of octogenarian Kibaki who has failed Kenyan people and a killer of freedom and democracy. By calling for Kibaki the president of Kenya proves beyond reasonable doubt that Kenyan people especially kikuyu chauvinist admires to be led by failed leaders and dictator who cannot provide them with security and vision.

We call upon all Foreign Embassies in Kenya and their diplomatic Missions to support ODM since it is the only progressive Democratic Party that is accepted nationwide with majority parliamentary seats. Let us not forget ODM won referendum the year 2005 where all Kenyans voted NO against Kibaki’s government which was only supported by central province people. Many central people are mostly brain washed by Government misleading campaigns and other propaganda like vernacular FM radios, and other government friendly mass media which are preaching hate and where kikuyu people regard Mr. Kibaki as their own president. This means that Kibaki cannot be the president Kenya but for Kikuyu.

We are calling upon the western countries to support the people of Kenya to remove an evil government that has failed to protect and defend its citizens economically, fighting corruption, tribalism, nepotism, disrespect of the rule of law, fighting aids and malaria besides other treatable diseases that are killing mass of Kenyans daily in big numbers. It would be a grave political mistake if the west will keep quit when democracy is being killed in Kenya because they must take a position in protecting young democracies in the world.

The selfish chains that have bound a section of kikuyu people in doing evil to our people must to be broken. The chauvinist arrogance must be stopped once and for all. Our people must live in dignity, honor, safety and independence. This goal requires our continued struggle amidst shadows of death. We have sown a seed of an ideology and watered it with our struggle. The seed has grown into a huge tree, fulfilling our dreams and giving birth to Raila Odinga as the fourth president of Kenya. We have been cheated and betrayed, we must react by refusing the cooked election that Kibaki and his cronies are trying to impose on the Kenyan people.

Suspicion of killing democracy has pointed towards Moi and Kibaki but they have denied involvement which sounds hollow. History has taught us and we can compare what is happening now in our nation and we see it clear that Moi has his hands in it. These men have gone far in the name of achieving their greedy goals. Someone who was willing to spill blood as much as he thought his cause demanded, cannot be trusted to rule the country. Kibaki and Moi are recepies of a chaotic Kenya. This twin murders have maintained a stoic silence on what is happening now in Kenya.

Kibaki’s kangaroo leadership in particular has now given him another task of ruling Kenyans by cheating of which Wakenya have refused. We cannot allow Kibaki to work against the interest of the people and against the liberty and democracy won after many struggles. This is one of the ways in which the remnants of fascism seek to exploit the feelings of the faithful. The democratic fronts like ODM embraces all the masses of the people without distinction of creed; but the democratic fronts combats fascism to the end in whatever form it may present itself.

We should remind this leaders how Kenyans shed blood, tortured, jailed, detained, murdered and others forced to exile and that’s why we cannot keep silent and watch undemocratic, savage and barbarian leaders destroy and kill the democracy that Kenyans fought hard for. It is only through mass demonstration and civil disobedient that can tame this unpatriotic Kikuyu chauvinist being led by Kibaki. We would like to remind Kenyans that sucher method are being used by progressive movements all-over the world and has been used else where even in Americans and Ukraine formidable human rights organizations and movements.

ODM leaders must keep united and lead Kenyans without fear and they should prove to the people of Kenya that they are the voted in leaders of Kenya. Kibaki has failed Kenyans and betrayed them through his oath allegiance that he sweared at Uhuru Park where he was sitting on a wheelchair. In a democratic and civilized nation, Kibaki would have put the interest of Kenyans first before his greed for power. Kibaki cannot honor the constitutional oath to defend and protect Kenyan people.

We call upon Mr. Kibaki and his sleeping Zombies to go to OTHAYA and pave way for progressive leaders like Raila Odinga to take over and lead our nation. Kenyans wants the truth and democracy of which Kibaki and his inner-circle gang has failed to provide and this can be witnessed by the way they have rigged the 2007 elections. His gang of Mt. Kenya Mafia under captain Moi has proven to Kenyans that they cannot be trusted. Today Kibaki is working hand in hand with another failure who misruled Kenya for the last 24 years and who’s Sons were defeated in there elections.

Shadow dictator Moi and Kibaki once again want to kill multi-party Democracy and turn Kenya into dark period. Kenyans would never be able to achieve freedom if they continue keeping criminals leaders in the society. Adding strength to the argument is the behavior in which the government has treated the common Kenyans and the ODM leaders. The ruling class in Kenya is rejoicing while common Kenyans are dying in their hands. The extensive network of killers in our country has assured the elites continuation of pouring of blood in their hands. Right now, Kenyans are murdering one another while Kibaki and his gang is enjoying at the state house.

These killers have been instructed to mix with people to evade detection and they have engaged poor people in poverty firefights in all areas knowing fully well it would lead to civilian casualties and death. Innocent men and women who suffering at the hands of Kibaki for no fault of theirs are forced to sympathize with these killers and even vote for them. Moi and Kibaki have orchestrated some of the deadly actions with ruthless efficiency in our country.

The traitors, human rights abusers and economical criminals should never be allowed to go scot-free but to face fully rule of law in a democratic society. Kenyans will never forgive and forget the way they forgave the home-guards after betraying the freedom fighters MAU-MAU during the war for Liberation. Kibaki has betrayed Kenyans and he will remain to be remembered as a ruthless ruler. Home-guards who collaborated with British colonialist like John Michuki and the Mungiki leaders who have committed crimes by shedding the blood of the innocent Kenyans are hiding at the state house.

Why do we tolerate the undemocratic leaders like Kibaki who has caused many Kenyans to suffer just because they want to keep power? Law is universal and must be applied to all without selecting who should be free and who should be in prison. It is a criminal offence to rig election and all Kenyans have been cheated by Kibaki and I believe he must be arrested and taken to jail for cheating Wakenya. Kenyans are demanding the arrest of Kibaki and his network of thieves. We also want the man to be arrested for the ethnic cleansings that is taking place in Kenya right now and especially after he was illegal declare the winner of the 2007 elections. Whatever is happening in Kenya right now, it is because of Kenyans especially Kikuyus weakness and lack of demanding for the arrest of Kibaki and his cohorts.

Moi is still free and able to poison and destroy democratic parties that took Kenyans blood to build. Kibaki has joined the Moi’s tune and he is dancing in the center stage as Multi-party democracy in Kenya is on its way to the grave. What is happening to us is our failure collectively to demand the arrest of the above criminals. Kenyans in Scandinavia took a one year tour in Mois time as Kenyan president. Moi regime systematically persecuted our people; many villages were burnt down in addition to those ethnic cleansing, many were displaced to internal concentration camps and many executions took place during this Dark Age in our nation.

His KANU developed a system whereby public servants found it difficult to distinguish between government and party loyalties. The KANU government reminded the public servants that they were appointed by KANU government and must be loyal to it. Senior civil servants, who mattered in terms of decision making, assumed that this meant that they must sing KANU tunes if they hoped to continue in their positions. PNU being the first born of KANU is not different. “Mto wa Nyoka ni Nyoka” PNU forced Kivuitu to announce Kibaki the president of Kenya which is not the will of Kenyan People.

Kenyans have memories on what happened in 1992. The 3 million unregistered youth votes increased by the number of displaced persons in Rift valley, Western and Nyanza provinces who could not register to vote or could not vote even if registered to the prevalence of ethnic clashes. Violence, harassment, intimidation, arrests and declaration of KANU zones was used to threaten the opposition. In some parts of the country, permits were issued to different parties to hold simultaneous rallies at the same venue without their agreement. A typical example was in Eastleigh Social Hall Nairobi, where three candidates, all on different party tickets were issued licenses to hold rallies at the same time. The end result was a confused shouting match between the three candidates. 

All the above have been adopted by Kibaki. We must stop them. All progressive Kenyans must continue with the struggle until when Raila Odinga is declared the president of Kenya. Kibaki can remain the president of Mt. Kenya.

Munala wa Munala.


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