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When ODM Comes To Power, Will Hon Purity Muhindi Survive?

As we put the story of the ailing diplomat to rest, we would like to reflect on what has happened so far. Soon and very soon, ODM is going to take power, do you think the Purity Muhindi type will survive?

Mr. Cornelius Kemboi of Columbus Ohio; USA has condemned the Kenyan embassy in Sweden for the attempted deportation of a Kenyan diplomat. Kemboi said, “The situation indeed surrounding the diplomat is very absurd and in a high degree ambassador Purity Muhindi should shoulder the blame. She needs to rewind back – back – back – to her speech that “We need to support one another”. Somebody needs to read to her the sentence in her local dialect (Kikuyu) so that she might get it”. Mr Kemboi said the Kenyan community in the USA will do what they can to help the ailing diplomat. He said his group was meeting on the 25th Dec. 2007 and plans are that they want to help economically. Mr Raphael Cheruiyot, the ailing diplomat is still in the hospital and his family was evicted from their house two weeks ago.

“Swedish authorities had refused to release the patient if he could not be accompanied by a doctor and had we not protested, he would have been put on a plane home on November 29,” Mrs Ruth K. Bundotich said. A physician said, “The disease is genetic and can be controlled by immune modulators, which reverse the attack of the muscles by anti-bodies”.

Cheruiyot’s family, wife and a boy 10 years, were thrown out of the embassy house on the 25th Nov. 2007. The boy has since dropped out of school and the family has no place to stay. Mrs Purity Muhindi, the Kenyan ambassador in Sweden, denies that the embassy wanted to deport Cheruiyot. (A government worker lying to her boss) “Cheruiyot’s tour ended and as is with all civil servants they are recalled home for redeployment,” said Muhindi. She continues, “I have no authority and capacity to deport anyone, all of us are the employees of the Government. Nothing secretive, nothing unprocedural was done. He had to vacate his residence to give way for his replacement.”

The Foreign Affairs office in Nairobi has denied that there was a plan to evacuate Cheruiyot. Ms Hellen Gichuhi the Head of Press and Publicity said Cheruiyot was recovering at his residence. Gichuhi said the Government was aware of the case but said there were no plans for evacuation. “The issue has been misreported. The information we have is that the man is not in the ICU as has been indicated but is recuperating at home,” Gichuhi said. “He is at home and he is unwell but he is not going to be deported, the issue has been blown out of proportion.”

Muhindi said the Government last month decided to evacuate Cheruiyot, but with authority from the Swedish doctors “who said he could recuperate at home”. “But the true situation is that Nairobi took over the issue from the time his tour ended,” she said. She confirmed that the Government had sent a doctor from Nairobi. It was not clear why the Government wanted to evacuate the official.

Mrs Ruth Kjell Bundotich told Jamii that plans are clear and she wanted to face the woman (Purity) so that they can talk women language. Mr. William Tuitoek told Jamii that he was doing this because he is tired of leaders who are incompetence and ineffective.  The furious William said that if the ambassador can treat one of her own like that, what about other normal Kenyans? “She must know that she did not come to Sweden for beauty contest show, but to look into affairs of Wakenya who pays her salary”, said fuming William. The group which seems to be very organized said they are going to launch a struggle to see that Hon Purity is re-called.

The group which has been planning the action since last month is demanding an explanation to why the ambassador is treating Wakenya like “choo”.  He said, “It gives Kenyans a profound feeling of unity and solidarity with our brother who is ailing and being treated like a second hand Kenyan. I’m looking forward for opportunities to make things better for everybody and the embassy must take part.”  He said even though it takes time to change things, the efforts of the group will pay off.  Mr William said, “I think it was the power of the Kenyan people coming together from all sides to stop the illegal deportation. The power of unity among us was demonstrated and we call Kenyans and friends to stand with us because the struggle continues until when Purity is re-called”.  Mr William said they are not at war with the embassy so they expect the embassy officials to stop panicking like cowards.

Speaking to Jamii, Pastor Beatrice Kamau said that she knew from day one that the government of Kibaki will employ incompetence people as long as they are from Mt. Kenya. She was not surprised to hear that Purity Muhindi and Josephine Awour engineered the deportation of the diplomat. “Shame on them, how can they treat a fellow Kenyan like that? We are going to make sure that this government of brutality is replaced by a more reliable group like the ODM”, said the preacher. She condemned the action and said that people like Purity Muhindi and company must start packing their staff because their days are over and she must go back to Kenya where she belongs. “She has failed Wakenya and we don’t expect anything new from her”, said Pastor Beatrice.

“The phone calls are psychologically torturing the diplomat. I would like to ask the Kenyan embassy to stop calling him because they are torturing him”, said William. The diplomat has been surviving for several months without salary and even the child stopped going to school because of school fees. The child now stays with the father at the hospital because he has nothing to do apart from sitting at the hospital with his sick father. They were asked to vacate their house and for now they are literally homeless.

Mr. Tarus Mbogua thanked all Kenyans who have shown solidarity with the family of the diplomat and said the next step is to protest at the Kenyan embassy doorstep to show them how Kenyans in Scandinavia are disappointed in the way they operate. “We are going to coordinate with other Scandinavian countries to participate in the protest”, said Tarus. Mr. Willam, a core member of “Stop Deportation Of Sick People” told Jamii that the International human rights law contains no more basic prohibition than the absolute, unconditional ban on torture and what is known as “cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.”  Torture and inhuman treatment are forbidden unconditionally, whether in time of peace or war, whether at the local police station or in the face of a major security threat.

The above is just a reflection of what has happened so far on Cheruiyot front. Let us vote for ODM for an overhaul change. ODM is the future. Vote wisely and remember all the sufferings we have gone through during Kibaki’s time. Kibaki toka, Raila Ingia.

Munala wa Munala.


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