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Jamii Crew Wishes You A Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2008.

I thank God who has been guiding us always in times of darkness and light during this year. It has been a year of struggle given the fact that Kenya is facing elections in a weeks’ time. It has been a wonderful year working with wonderful Kenyans in Sweden like my family, Mr. Martin Ngatia my political father, Mr. Okoth Osewe who introduced me to the world of propaganda, my ODM-KS friends, Ms Sofia Njoroge and Nixon Andu my political strategic adviser. It was always good working with you guys.

Other friends like Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Silas Njoroge, Susan Mukami, Man Dzoro, Kesofo team, Jeff Olengais, Purity Muhindi and family, Mr Kinyua and family, Osewe and family, Mr Clay Onyango and family, Mr Tarus Mbugua and family, William and family, Mr. Makan and Linda, Mr Mberi and family, Winnie Mukaru, Jackie and Caro Nyaga, Ruth Kjell, Gerry and Maureen, Betty and Mwikali, Mama Nyambura, Oti and Monica, Opee and family Opande, Mr Mwirani and family, Muraya and family, Peter Njoro, Janet, Nduta mama Sheena, Dj Safi and Frank, Mrs Hellen Opwapo, Pastor Beatrice Kamau and family, the Kenyan embassy staff, Pastor Tillah Mukasa and family,and the list is too long to finish.

Guys you have been so good to me and without your support I couldn’t have reached this level. When I count my blessings, I see you all. God bless you. He is the very father who we are getting the determination we got to pursue the cause even though it has been tough. Its Him who has put us together as Kenyans in Sweden, and it is Him who is behind and ahead of us during all these times of our needs and our struggle. We’ve seen the old, middle age and young under umbrella of Kesofo more united than what many thought. At this time, we have seen and gone through different stages and we still came out strong as Kenyans. Propaganda, gossips and many other personal differences have surfaced in different fronts but still we stood strong.

2007 has been a tough year like any other year that has passed.  The evil forces have been relentless in their search to destroy and impose their doom on us but we went through. We the generation who’s the future is at stake must voice the united tune to fight this devil of tribalism off our face.

My fellow countrymen/women, no matter what location we are positioned in Sweden, we must have a solid solution to our differences as Kenyans; we must stand in solidarity with each other and solve our problems maturely. We must accept that the fate is ours and if we take one stand we can prevail very quickly as a united country!

On the other side, i would like to take this chance to wish the ODM family in Kenya a merry Christmas and happy New Year. The victory is ours. Now is the time for all Kenyans to pray to God to reward Mr. Raila Odinga for his struggle and hard work he has done for Kenyans. Let us hope that ODM takes power and the old guards can go home and rest. Kenyans have decided and they are just waiting to announce Mr Raila as our 4th president. For Kibaki, he must celebrate this Christmas at the state house knowing very well that he has only one week to go to OTHAYA. Vote for Raila and that’s my Christmas present to all Kenyans. It is time for Change. ODM is the future.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year! Keep New Kenya Alive.

Munala wa Munala.


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