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Hon. Purity Muhindi Loves Dancing.

After a chaotic Jamhuri day celebrations at the Scandic Plaza hotel in Sweden, Hon Purity Muhindi last weekend relaxed at a Sudanese Christmas party in Kista. For the first time, Jamii crew saw her singing and dancing to African Sudanese tribal rhythms reflecting the diversity of Sudan’s many cultures. It was contrary to the way she normal presents herself before Kenyans gatherings. Christians and Muslims, men and women came from all corners of Sweden to celebrate this years Christmas. Singing traditional songs in Sudanese local dialects reflected the healthy cultural heritage of the Sudanese people. Hon Purity Muhindi needed a translator and maybe that’s why she had to sit close to Sudanese ambassador.

The happy Purity was clapping and singing along her husband Dr. Muhindi.  Sudanese tribal music was in plenty and you could see the way people were happy. When Jamii asked why the Arabic songs were dominating the event, one guest who was a Christian and who fled the fighting in the south some years ago said, “We are Sudan and Sudan is us. We are unity.” Sudan south has been mired in civil war for several years since gaining independence from Britain in 1956. The war, which pits the Islamic government in Khartoum against the mainly Christian, animist south, has claimed millions of lives and displaced millions of people within Sudan and abroad. Issues of oil, ethnicity and ideology complicate the whole saga but it was not easy to see it at the party.

The dominant Islamic and Arab culture could be smelled from food, dressing, dancing, music, speeches and even the reception. One could also easily see the marginalised people of Sudan without asking. Alcohol is banned in this kind of gathering and there was no alcohol served. It was a good lesson to Purity because the Kenyan embassy has been trying to convert Kenyans in Sweden into alcoholics by buying alcoholic drinks to them which is a waste of tax payers’ money. Purity loves dancing, Jamii can reveal that. When she stood up to shake her hips to the music, majority of men lined behind to dance with her. Dr. Muhindi kept en eye but from a distance. The Sudanese ambassador was the one who got the first chance to boogie with her followed by others and it was good to see the Kenyan ambassador “akivunja mifupa”

She was dressed to kill as normal but this time she went all the way to Asian style. She stole the show and I think all Sudanese women who were there were jealousy because she stole the show from them. The performer came from Holland to entertain the guests on this special event. At the event you could have sensed how diverse Sudan is. While we complain in Kenya about the 42 ethnic groups, Sudan has five hundred plus ethnic groups spread across the country’s territory, which is the largest in Africa. The country has been a crossroads between North, East and West Africa for hundreds of years, and is inhabited by a mixture of Sub-Saharan Arabs and Africans. Mr Nickson Andu was there and it was good to see him. He helped me a lot in understanding what was going on because everything was in Arabic. Mr Nick is a friendly man and he speaks Arabic fluently.

On the other side of Stockholm city, a well known Kenyan journalist was beaten by a well connected businessman over the weekend at the Jamhuri day party in Norsborg that was organized by the sound of blackness. The businessman hit the Kenyan mercilessly as viewers felt sorry for the smashed Kenyan man. According to well-placed sources within the Norsborg area, the Kenyan was punched three times in the face before he called the police. The source told Jamii that the puncher had old scores with the victim and he has been waiting for a black spot to fix him. Mr. “Kofi Tatu” got a chance on Saturday and he used it to the maximum. The source told Jamii that the fracas started over a disagreement on who pushed who first and Mr. “Kofi Tatu did not have time to talk thus deciding to turn it physical. It was a big “victory cum revenge” for “Kofi Tatu”.

Ngumi za Stockholm” are very fun to see and watch because big part of it is “mouth fight”. After things had fallen apart, another Kenyan was also beaten by a Rwandese. The Police came to rescue the victims and the ambulance was available incase someone was injured. It was a big shame! Jamii condemns this kind of violence and may peace prevail among Kenyans. “Wacheni mangumi

Meanwhile, Mr. Cornelius Kemboi of Columbus Ohio; USA has condemned the Kenyan embassy in Sweden for the attempted deportation of a Kenyan diplomat. Kemboi said, “The situation indeed surrounding the diplomat is very absurd and in a high degree ambassador Purity Muhindi should shoulder the blame. She needs to rewind back – back – back – to her speech that “We need to support one another”. Somebody needs to read to her the sentence in her local dialect (Kikuyu) so that she might get it”. Mr Kemboi said the Kenyan community in the USA will do what they can to help the ailing diplomat. He said his group was meeting on the 25th Dec. 2007 and plans are that they want to help economically. Mr Raphael Cheruiyot, the ailing diplomat is still in the hospital and his family was evicted from their house two weeks ago. They now stay at the hospital just like any other patients.

Munala wa Munala.


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