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Less Than 30 Kenyans Attended Jamhuri Day Celebrations In Sweden.

Jamhuri day celebrations in Stockholm was disrupted after a group calling itself SDSP demanded to talk to Hon Purity Muhindi outside Scandic Plaza Hotel. The group under the leadership of Mr Tarus Mbugua and Mrs Ruth B Kjell forced Purity Muhindi to re-organise her security because she thought the group was hostile. For the first time, Swedish police were manning the gate and they didn’t leave until 7pm local time. Mr. George Kinyua who is known as the security man at the embassy called for a back-up from the Swedish police and his colleague Mr. Daniel Korttut. The scared ambassador walked outside the Scandic hotel sandwiched by her security men from the embassy and the Swedish police who were called to keep an eye to the group that was picketing outside Scandic Hotel.

The senior officer quickly received the letter and walked inside the hotel very fast without saying a word. Many guests who came were shocked to see what was happening and they changed their mind to support the group that was picketing by not taking any drink or food. Many wondered why the embassy of Kenya in Sweden was spending millions of money to buy alcohol while a child was not going to school due to lack of school fees. Diplomats and few Kenyans who came watched in dismay as the drama between Hon. Purity Muhindi and the SDSP members unfolded. There were no more than 30 Kenyans at the function. Many were asking why the Kenyan government has decided to convert Wakenya into alcoholics. Tax payers’ money is being used in buying alcohol and other dangerous drinks every year.

The ceremony was temporarily disrupted again after a well known Kenyan took a lot of “Kanywaji” and collapsed forcing the security guys to help him to go home. The wheelchair was in demand as more Kenyans continued collapsing after drinking free alcohol without speed limits. Besides the “Kanywaji”, well known paparazzo was also in the same team of “Kanywaji” and he lost his camera. The man can take you pictures until you go blind. As security guys were taking care of the mess, another kikuyu chauvinist called Mantoo attacked Mr Dancan Munala forcing Mr. Munala to call the police. Mantoo after drinking like a fish tried to exchange some blows but he was taken care of. The coward Mantoo started shaking like a chicken and as the police were on the way, he was smuggled outside by his friends. After the police got intelligence that the coward was hiding at “Vasa chapel”, his normal hiding place, the police rushed there but the big stomached bigot took his hidings even further. The Swedish police are still looking for him. It is funny to see how this man likes free “pombe” that he nibbles like a tilapia in Lake Victoria. Shame on you Mantoo and men never run away from a war zone until the war is over. You are a wanted man.

Meanwhile, a group of Kenyans who boycotted the Jamhuri day celebrations met at Vasa to celebrate. Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Nark-KS chairman was the one in-charge of the rebel group that boycotted the Jamhuri event that was organised by the Kenyan embassy in Sweden. Though he said he had family commitments, jamii can reveal that the chairman wanted to send a message to the embassy staff that he is a man of his principals and he does not tolerate nonsense. Other leaders who missed this years’ Jamhuri day celebrations were; Mrs. Hellen Opwapo, ODM-KS chairlady, Mr. Jeff Olengais, CCMS chairman, Clay Onyango, Tarus Mbugua among others.

Those who joined the ambassador were, Susan Mukami, Pastor Tillar Mukasa, Pastor Beatrice Kamau, Winnie Mukaru, Mrs Kinyau, Okoth Osewe, Dan Aroka, Pastor Antony Mwangi, Billy, Dj. Safi and Frank among others. In general, the event was average despite the fears of rotten eggs. The woman who was supposed to do the mess told Jamii that she didn’t get a good position to throw the eggs and the commander delayed with the order “strike”. The ambassador was scared a lot and you could see it the way she was operating. She was standing at the receptionist desk for three hours and she avoided mingling with Wakenya making the egg operation mission impossible. Her security was up-to-date and we couldn’t imagine anything wrong happening to her. She is a wonderful diplomat/politician.

Munala wa Munala.


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