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Kenyan Embassy In Sweden Helping Kenyans To Be More Immoral.

The Kenyan Embassy in Sweden has ignored to address problems that are facing Wakenya in Sweden. Young Kenyans in this region are being thrown in Swedish Jails for spreading HIV. The Embassy has continued to focus on partying with other diplomats  while our people are languishing in Swedish jails and some are dying in Swedish hospitals. Ms Sofia Njoroge, a prominent businesswoman in Sweden has said that people who are coming here from Kenya with the VCT test that is a standardized form of testing HIV in Kenya, should test it again here in Sweden to avoid unnecessary spreading of the virus. She said that the embassy must stop buying alcohol when celebrating because it is waste of Kenyans Tax Money.

Ms Njoroge adviced Wakenya that it is a high time for us to take HIV issues more serious. The VCT test is not modern  and the government of Kenya must invest more in modern hospitals and improve the HIV test mechanism. “If you have tested yourself with VCT, then you better go back and do  a new test”, said Ms. Sofia. More than 120 Kenyans in Sweden are HIV positive and this is very alarming. It is time Kenyan embassy in Sweden took a more serious step in helping Kenyans who are infected with the disease. Kenyan embassy in Sweden is spending millions of Kenya shillings in converting Kenyans to be alcoholics instead of spending the money in a more constructive way. Celebrating Jamhuri does not mean buying alcohol, it is a time when we remember our National day.

Many Kenyans in Sweden engage themselves in unprotected sex thus spreading the disease. Ms Njoroge told Jamii that many young Kenyans have engaged themselves in behaviours that are not morally right. Ms Njoroge asked church leaders to help the young people that are roaming on the streets in the name of looking for life to take it easy. Taking an example of two young Kenyan people who are in Swedish prison, she said Kenyans in Sweden needs to chill out. It is suspected that many Kenyans in this region are HIV positive but they haven’t declared their status thus having unprotected sex. Many Kenyans in Sweden have kept low profile especially when it comes to issues dealing with HIV. Things are turning out to be dangerous, our Young people are being thrown in Swedish jails for spreading HIV and this is going to ruin their lives.

The most striking issue is the level of knowledge on matters of sexuality and the ability to talk with ease on these matters among Wakenya in Sweden. Sexual education should be based more broadly on an understanding of the social norms defining sexual behaviour and I think it is now time that Wakenya in Sweden must organise themselves and deal with the problem. Kesofo has started a programme of distrubuting free condoms but still Wakenya wants the “nyama kwa nyama” style. General awareness and knowledge of HIV transmission among Kenyan in Sweden is very low and we need help. There is a need to develop evidence-based and effective prevention strategies and interventions services to our people. It is not too late.

Munala wa Munala.


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