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A letter From SDSP Organization To Hon. Purity Muhindi.

                                      Stop Deportation Of Sick People. (SDSP).
                                          C/o Tarus Mbugua, Lillåkersvägen 22 Bv,
                                                 181-59 Lidingö Sweden.

Mrs Purity Muhindi
The Kenyan Ambassodor to Scandinavia
Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm
P.o Box 7694, 10395 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: 08-218300.

Wednesday November 12th 2007.

Dear Her Excellency The Ambassador;

REF: Attempted Deportation Of Former Diplomat Mr Raphael Cheruiyot.

Greetings from Kenyans in Stockholm. As you are well aware, SDSP members will not attend this year’s Jamhuri day celebrations that will be held on the 12th Dec. 2007 at Scandic Plaza Hotel. Kenyans have been very concerned about the saga that unfolded last month where by your officers attempted to deport an ailing diplomat knowing very well that his chances of surviving in Kenya were very minimal. We hope that your office is not in a state of panic about the planed tour that will take place on the same day as you celebrate Jamhuri day with your friends. We moved to this position believing that the attempted deportation was a well organised crime being exercised on a wrong person under your supervision as a government representative.

As a group of concerned Kenyans, we would like to draw your attention on the following;

1. That as Kenyans, we have a patriotic duty to protect our brothers and sisters and coordinate with the embassy especially on matters that touches on the credibility, image, human rights and the standing of our country Kenya within the international community. Your embassy has failed to work with Kenyans in Sweden and we would like you to know that you do not have moral authorities to rule Kenyans in this region.

2. That Raphael Cheruiyot was not supposed to be subjected to this kind of inhuman treatment after working for the Kenyan government for more than 19 years. This kind of inhuman treatment has exposed our nation international as a country of no human values.
3. That the government of Kenyan hasn’t paid his salary since May 2006. This we believe is due to your incompetence because you gave your boss wrong advice based on the reality on the ground. We wish to point out that, we are increasingly getting anxious about the status of your subordinate staff. We have information that you are mistreating them and you have the final word at the embassy. This is not acceptable at any level and we are going to launch a struggle to see that your dictatorial nature changes once and for all.

4. That the child of the ailing diplomat is not schooling due to lack of school fees. Children are supposed to be protected at any cost. The UN rights for children spell this out clearly. You have failed to address Kenyan concerning the whole issue and information from your mission is almost at zero communication level.
5. That Mr. Cheruiyot family was kicked out of their home and now they are homeless. Basic needs like food and shelter; you have taken them away from the family knowing very well that they have a young child. We need further clarification from your embassy concerning this issue.

6. That the diplomat was not given enough time to arrange for his departure. Did you collaborate with the Kenyan foreign ministry about his situation? What is your position on the issue now? It is a big shame that you haven’t commented anything about the whole saga.

7. That we demand the Kenyan government to give us an explanation to why they employ people who are arrogant and inhuman in very sensitive offices. We also demand that the Kenyan government to re-call you back to Kenya because you are anti-Kenyan people.

8. We demand an apology to Kenyan people and the family of Mr Raphael on how you mistreated him during the failed attempted deportation. We also demand you to reply us in a week’s time about your position concerning the ailing diplomat and his family.

Our planed tour will not interfere with your program so there is no need for you to panic. There will be no megaphone or any other public address system during our tour because the main purpose of the tour is to stand in solidarity with our ailing brother. What will happen is once SDSP members arrive at the locale, 9 members will stand outside and the rest will walk inside Scandic hotel to view the people who are inside and inform them about the conditions of the ailing diplomat and later depart. If necessary, they will talk to some of your officials and the media.

Any other group which would like to come in and talk to your guest will come in small group of 4 people at a time to avoid congestion and embarrassments. This is to reduce tension and show respect for your guests and Jamhuri day which we recognise as our national day. We view our tour as friendly and we would be very much happy if you could avail yourself to receive us. We will gladly cooperate with you and the organisers of the celebrations since we recognize you as the representative of Kenyan government in Scandinavia.

Our members constitute some of the most disciplined and responsible members of the Kenyan community in Sweden. We hope that through your assistance, the tour will proceed without any major problem and that at the end of the day, our fears about how inhuman you are will be put on a permanent rest.

Thanking you in advance.

Ruth B. Kjell,
Sectretary, SDSP.


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