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Jamhuri Day Celebrations In Stockholm Boycotted By Many Kenyans.

The chairman of  CCM Sweden greets all Kenyans and friends in the name of Kenya and of the people of this blessed nation and for the freedom we all deserve to enjoy 44 years since Kenya was declared a Jamhuri. The announced boycott against the Kenyan embassy in Sweden celebration which will be held in Stockholm continues. We protest  against the Kenyan embassy in Sweden,for the attempt to kidnap and deport an ailing diplomat due to his health situation, we celebrate this day in solidarity with our bed ridden brother in the spirit of freedom fighting in the same mood  Dedan Kimathi and all other freedom fighters had when they fought for Kenyans liberation.

Diplomat Cheruyiot has all our support to demand the embassy to respect his fundamental rights and apologize both to him and to all Kenyans at large.  Jamhuri Day is a national holiday in celebrated on December 12th every year. Jamhuri is a Kiswahilli term for a republic. Kenya gained “independence” from the colonialist Britain in December 12th 1963 where’s was officially declared a republic on the 12th December 1964.

Freedom fighters like late Dedan Kimathi (may the lord put his soul in eternal piece), realized the importance of personally taking responsibility to participate in the struggle against injustice and personally lead the struggle for independence. Dedan Kimathi, died for the Kenyan nation to be realized. He gave his life for you and me to live! He chose not to enjoy the freedom in pseudo material comfort like that provided by the colonial master to those who collaborated with  the enemy. These heroes chose instead to liberate Kenyans.

The final achievement of the Deadan Kimathi’s initiated struggle is not yet achieved! Fellow Kenyans, the course in which our freedom fighters lost their lives for, of which the result was to make us free, lives us with no reason to rest. Aluta continua!  We must honour our forefathers who paid higher prices for every bit of little free movement we now enjoy as Kenyans but we must fulfil the promises of achieving independence for each and every man, woman and children of our nation.

Fellow Kenyans, We give honour and respect for the heroes alongside  Dedan Kimathi and the MAU MAU struggle for a free Kenya and for those who are believers, we conjure in prayers to bless their souls and ask our father in heaven to give them eternal piece we pray for their souls to be  rewarded with the freedom they dearly fought for. Moreover, we promise to fight on until all Kenyans are liberated from all kinds of injustice. A republic is when power is entirely derived from people. A self governing government uplifts the standard of its people for the common good. The constitution is supposed to protect the people and provide them with opportunities to influence their lives.

The colonial constituency that Kenya is still using doesn’t favour Kenyans. It protects the rich and corrupt who took over the position of the former white colonialist. The present enemy to our people is the corrupt leaders, the capitalist land owner who grabbed all major land living out the poor to starvation, poverty related disease and climate change. No changes are possible without people having access to land, water and proper infrastructure. A republic is entitled to provide this for its people.

Kenyan both in Diaspora and at home should fully participate in influencing the authorities in their residential areas to make decisions that are friendly both to people and our common environment.

May God bless our republic!

May God bless us all.

Happy Jamhuri Day!

By: Jeff Olengais. CCMS Chairman.


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