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Hon. Purity Muhindi In A Red Corner.

It seems the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm is in a state of panic after it was revealed that a group of Kenyans are going to cause mayhem during Jamhuri day celebrations. A group calling itself SDSP under “commander” Tarus Mbugua has organized a demonstration at the Scandic hotel where ambassador Purity Muhindi has organized Jamhuri day celebrations. It is going to be a big shame to the ambassador if everything the group is planning is going to be executed.  A prominent member of the group Mrs Ruth Kjell Bundotich told Jamii yesterday that plans are clear and she wanted to face the woman (Purity) so that they can talk women language. Whatever that means, we are waiting to see the talk tomorrow. Historically, this group is known to be non political and what has triggered them to arrange this kind of action is what we are waiting for.

Whatever that went wrong with madam lady Purity Muhindi, this time she could have calmed the storm because the group started boiling last month and she had all the opportunities to calm them down. Having said the above, another leader of the group Mr. William Tuitoek told Jamii that he was doing this because he is tired of leaders who are incompetence and ineffective.  The furious William said that if the ambassador can treat one of her own like that, what about other normal Kenyans? “She must know that she did not come to Sweden for beauty contest show, but to look into affairs of Wakenya who pays her salary”, said fuming William. The group which seems to be very organized said they are going to launch a struggle to see that Hon Purity is re-called. The group has more than 50 members and more than 100 sympathizers. If all of them will turn up, then Hon Purity has something to worry about because the group said it is wounded by the embassy and this is the only time to exchange some “blows” with the embassy officials. The rest of the story is untold because they were very upset by the time Jamii called them.

However, Mr Clay Onyango, a prominent businessman  in Sweden said that he will boycott the ceremony to stand in solidarity with the ailing diplomat. “ButdoIsay wishes all Kenyans and the ailing diplomat a Happy Jamhuri Day and to the demonstrators, you are sending the right message and I am 100 percent behind you!!!! Sorry I won’t be with you neither will I attend the function”, said clay. In August this year, Kenya’s deputy permanent representative to the UN-HABITAT Mrs Yvonne Nambia Wamalwa visited Stockholm for a conference. Her visit was kept silent by the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden and the delegates who accompanied her were kept underground with Purity Muhindi playing a major role.  Mr. Clay Onyango gathered Wakenya at his place to say hallo to the Kenya’s deputy Ambassador to the UN-Habitat but his efforts were grounded by Purity Muhindi by hijacking her for the big part of that day. 

Wakenya complained about the way the embassy was operating in secrets instead of involving the Kenyan community in Sweden. Kenyans who were waiting for Mrs Wamalwa complained that more attention should be given to Kenyan community in Sweden because they are the backbone of diplomatic relations between Kenya and Sweden. Hon. Muhindi did not even care to apologize to Mr Clay. The embassy has been warned through media to establish contact with us through various local community based organizations like; ODM-KS, NARC-KS and KESOFO so that they can clearly get to know our problems as Kenyans in Scandinavia.  Many Kenyans in Sweden are not treated with dignity when they want to talk to some officials at the Embassy.

The Embassy officials have chosen a ring of preferred individuals who are above common Mwananchi to associate with. The chain is long. Many Kenyans have lost faith with the embassy representatives. I think it is time for the Kenyans in Sweden to come out and join those who are fighting for change at the embassy. The don’t care attitude at the embassy is a sign of lack of respect to Wakenya in general. Many Kenyans in Scandinavia are law abiding people who respect one another and they want to work with the embassy officials but they have kept a safe distance for reasons known to them. Beside the above, the chairman of Nack-ks Mr Daniel Mwaura will also boycott the function. A reliable source told Jamii that Mr. Mwaura decided to remain at home in solidarity with the ailing diplomat. He said he will celebrate at the Vasa chapel. Many other Kenyans have boycotted the ceremony to send a strong message to Purity that they don’t entertain nonsense.

Maasaiwarrior official boycott announcement “As an individual, and as a marginalized Kenyan, I feel so much for the brother and his family, and I stand with them during this difficult time. I request well thinking Kenyans to join hand with us to defend this moral value and our nonnegotiable fundamental right, the right of life, the conventional children’s right to be protected whether their parents are disabled or not and above all my conscience refuse me to dine when my brother is in crisis. I, as the chairman of CCM Sweden and as an administrator of the Maasaiwarrior Cooperation blog, and on my personal behalf, officially announce my boycott and refusal to eat and drink with the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm during the Jamhuri Day as long as they have not yet taken back the issue with the ailing diplomat, and officially apologize to him, his family and Kenyans at large.

As long as the diplomat is categorized as a refugee and as long as the Kenyan government thinks that it is too expensive to cater for him, there will not be any compromise. If the government of Kenya has no ability to provide proper medications to one Kenyan, how then shall they be able to provide for 35 and above million Kenyans? We must be realistic and face our lives challenges lest we all perish. The Swedish tax payers need not to pay for the ailing diplomat at all. It is a shame. The Kenyan embassy in Stockholm is in intensive care! Your reality is reflected upon in this period of time in this particular place and you are facing the consequences of your deeds”, wrote Mr Jeff Olengais.

The group under Mr. Tarus Mbugua has been planning the action since last month, demanding an explanation to why the ambassador is treating Wakenya like “choo”.  He said, “It gives Kenyans a profound feeling of unity and solidarity with our brother who is ailing and being treated like a second hand Kenyan. I’m looking forward for opportunities to make things better for everybody and the embassy must take part.”  He said even though it takes time to change things, the efforts of the group will pay off.  Mr William said, “I think it was the power of the Kenyan people coming together from all sides to stop the illegal deportation. The power of unity among us was demonstrated and we call Kenyans and friends to stand with us because the struggle continues until when Purity is re-called”.  Mr William said they are not at war with the embassy so they expect the embassy officials to stop panicking like cowards.

Whichever way it goes, Jamii will be there to report and to check the situation. “Moto umewaka na wazima moto wako” so let us see how the self-styled ambassador will handle the crisis.

Munala wa Munala.


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