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Kenya Unity Party: Vote Of Thanks From Kesofo.

The Kenya Social Forum in Sweden (Kesofo) takes this opportunity to thank Kenyans friends of Kenya, supporters and fun lovers who turned up at the Kenya Unity Party to make it a smashing success. It was a challenging Party for the organization because of the theme of “Unity” among Kenyans which had been attached to the Party.

More than 120 fun lovers turned up, a positive indication that the Kenyan community recognized the need for such a Party. The Unity call was important because it was coming a year after Kenyans in Stockholm set up opposing branches of political parties based in Kenya, a move that also compromised the “traditional unity” that has often been observed among the community especially in Stockholm.

The dust generated by the launching of Party branches in Stockholm is just settling as members of these parties continue to learn how to live side by side and to mix in non Party affairs. We are happy that membership in Kesofo is drawn from different political Parties, a demonstration that political maturity is also taking root within the community.

The Unity Party was also taking place against an upsurge of rumours, gossip and propaganda at the social and interpersonal level. We don’t have to go into detail. But the reality is that the different Networks that control the flow of events within the Kenyan community in Stockholm have been operating as if they have been at war.

Most importantly, different media with interest within the Kenya-Stockholm constituency have been whirling from one controversial report to another, sometimes with devastating consequences at a personal level. It was like some Media houses had lost control, operating as though Wakenya in Stockholm are a band of scandal-ridden good-for nothing underdogs.

In calling for the Unity Party, part of the idea was to call for a general and serious reflection of what has been happening around the community, debate the issues involved and look for common grounds for Unity and better understanding. From a sampling of informal discussions which came up, we could report progress in several directions were it not for time and space.

Kesofo’s leadership believes that the “Kenya Unity Party” was not going to solve the problem of “Unity among Kenyans” overnight. Our view is that the acquisition or development of Unity within a community is a process. Just like a serious process has to begin from somewhere, it is the position of Kesofo leadership that the December 1st Unity Party could serve as the beginning of the “Unity process” which could then be developed in the right direction and at reasonable intervals.

In terms of attendance, it was the best Party Kesofo has ever organized and this point is significant because it demonstrates that those who attended the Party recognise both the need for unity and the need to support initiatives in this direction. Apart from thanking the attendees, Kesofo leadership also takes this opportunity to wish Kenyans and friends a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

Susan Mukami,
Kesofo Executive committee

Lifted from Kesofo website


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