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Kenya Unity Party Was A success.

The call for unity among Wakenya in Sweden responded positively. More than 120 people attended the Kenya unity party that was organised by the Kenya Social Forum in Sweden (KESOFO). This was a big success for a young organization like Kesofo. This historic event brought nearly all top Kenyan leaders in Sweden together. The Kenyan Embassy in Sweden was not left behind this time, they send two top officials and Hon Purity Muhindi apologised for not attending. The out-going Kenyan diplomat Mr. George Kinyua was present and his presence added more meaning to what organizers called “a big day for KESOFO”. Mr. Kinyua has been transferred to Canada and he is expected to leave toward the end of this month. Another top official who was present at the event was Mr Daniel Kottut who is going to replace Mr. Kinyua at the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden. After a chain of scandals that has rocked her embassy, Mrs Purity Muhindi reduced the pressure by sending a representative to the unity party. She neutralised critics who were ready with their missiles at the event to attack the embassy if there was no representations at this significant function.

Kenyans used this forum to discuss issues that have been rocking Stockholm the latest being the attempted deportation of a sick Kenyan who have been working for the Kenyan government for 19 years.  Kenyans expressed their disappointments and wondered why on earth this inhuman happening was taking place. Other leaders who were present were, Businessman Clay Onyango, CCMS chairman Mr Jeff Olengais, Nark-Ks chairman Mr Daniel Mwaura, Dj. Safi, Mr. Jacob Opanda, Nickson Andu among others. The leaders told Jamii that Kesofo was doing a good job and they were going to support the Kenya Unity initiative. Kesofo leadership used the chance also to market the organization and many people showed a willingness to join the organization. It also distributed free condoms and reproductive health information materials to Kenyans. It was one of the biggest events Kesofo was doing this year. Speaking to Jamii at the function, Mr Jeff Olengais said that Kesefo needs to activate its groups so that people can take full participation.

The Unity party demonstrated the willingness of Kenyans in Sweden to unite and work together as Kenyans. Setbacks and shortcomings as Kenyans were discussed and Kesofo officials took the chance to explain to Wakenya what needed to be done in future to achieve our vision of a united Kenyan community in Sweden. Kenyans who were present demonstrated willingness to reconcile differences at home, school, church, politics, organizations and in the Swedish society in general. Majority of those who came went through historical relationships among Wakenya and the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden and they accepted responsibility to change their behaviours and to strive to make our Kenyan community in Sweden more decent. Notable people who have been singing a lot a bout Kenyans unit were absent. Kenyan embassy in Sweden was advised to take contact with the grassroots Kenyans in Sweden because that’s where the intelligence is.

Although many wonderful things have happened in the past without unit, Kenyans recognised the need to work as a team to make a bigger impact in the Swedish society. Masses however, agreed that the overall condition of our Kenyan people in Sweden is worse and a change is needed. Mr. Clay Onyango, a prominent entrepreneur in Sweden was there and encouraged Kenyans to work hard and make a difference. The Businessman was accompanied by his wife and he congratulated Kesofo for organising the Unity party.   The masses of our people who thronged the Norsborg venue acknowledged that the power to correct the horror of our condition is among us. The potential force and power to cause us to rise as a people is among us. The finance to fuel our rise is also among us. The spirit to rise and the willingness is among us, so we must act now.

What then is needed?
It is the unity of our leadership and organizations that is letting us down. Our unity depends on the pooling of our resources, financially and intellectually to solve our problems as Kenyans who reside in Sweden. It is time for our leadership to stop thinking and acting solely on behalf of their tribes, churches, mosques, political parties and organizations. It is time for us as leaders to come together and begin to think, plan, and act on behalf of Kenyans. Kenyans were reminded that no one organization or a leader can solve the many problems we face. Each leader and organization needs to cooperate with Kesofo to achieve the vision. We need each other desperately. We have gifts, skills and talents that must be gathered, harnessed, organized and structured in a way that will enable us to lift our people from where we are to better places. Kesofo is an organization dedicated to make a change.

Meanwhile the re-union party that was organised by Nark-Ks chairman Mr Daniel Mwaura last Friday was a big success. Many Kenyans of all walks came to welcome Mr. Mwaura’s family. Kikuyu songs were in plenty but Mwana wambeli also spiced the evening. Free beers, food and other drinks were available and for those who missed the occasion, hawana bahati because this happens only once every after 20 years. Mr. Mwaura will be travelling to London soon to meet his boss Mr. Moody Awori. He told Jamii that they are going to discuss “total politics” Jamii wants to take this chance to welcome the family in Sweden and wish them all the best.

Munala wa Munala.


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