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We Believe In You KESOFO, Says Mr. Muraya Mwangi.

After a long period of unity drought, there is finally a small cloud of hope- KESOFO’S DECEMBER 1st UNITY PARTY. By “unity drought”, I do not mean to be ignorant of past repeated efforts by patriotic Kenyans to bring us, the Kenyan community here in Stockholm Sweden, together. Even though those dreams didn’t bear much fruit at the expected time, they have never died. Just as Olengais wrote, the spirit of familiarity (and I add tribalism, ego, pride, etc) might have just slowed down the mission.

But thank God! A new, well loaded with vision generation is here. KESOFO.This is the generation of dreamers and vision bearers. I call them water walkers. They dare do the “logically impossible”. We all can’t ignore the fact that Kesofo’s Unity vision is coming at a time when we’ve had a dangerous storm of division mixed with death scaring thunders of gossip and shock electrified lightning of rumours and propaganda. It’s been hard to tell white from black- ama kweli kikulacho ki ngouni mwako and rafiki yako ndio adui yako.

But no matter how long the night might be, dawn is always sure to come and after a drought comes rainfall. I can smell a mighty downpour of peace, love and unity within our community. I see a small cloud, the size of a man’s fist, just around the corner. It has formed itself in the heart of Kesofo. It’ll sooner than later darken and cover the Kenya-Stockholm earth before bursting into an Oasis of love in an emotional and spiritual desert. I can almost see all of us drown in it. It’s a vision, maybe not so clear for every one of us to see through, but as I can see, it is pregnant with hope and life. Without a vision, the people perish.

Oh, how I wish that someone out there would help me applause Kesofo. Let us appreciate them, it doesn’t have to be me or you, it just have to be someone. Let us stand and honour this bold step of faith. I believe that will encourage these love pursuers fight to beat odds like tribalism, ego, hypocrisy, faked smiles and hugs, jealousy and hatred etc. Let us love and believe in them. They can make it- if only we, the audience, sing along. To them, I perceive, even the impossible is possible. This vision is well timed. Keep it up, Kesofo and please pursue to the sweet end. May God bless and unite all of us. KWA UMOJA, PAMOJA:  KESOFO NJENGENI UKUTA.

By: Muraya Mwangi.

Destiny Talented Generation (K)


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