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Hon Purity Muhindi’s Speech On Kenyatta Day.

I have lifted the speech that Hon. Purity Muhindi delivered on the 20th October 2007. It is for your eyes and I would like you to charge on how hypocritical our ambassador is. In her speech, she even used God to make it clear that she was a halleluiah type kind of person. The Jamhuri day must be boycotted by all Kenyans who stand for human rights and respect life to send a strong massage to the Kenyan embassy that we don’t tolerate inhuman treatment. We are a free people and we respect all Kenyans regardless of who you are. It is time for Mrs Purity Muhindi to pack and go. The struggle continues!

Speech by H.E Purity Muhindi on Kenyatta Day held on 20th October 2007
Brothers and sisters, fellow Kenyans and friends, good evening, Hamjambo! It is a great honour and pleasure to welcome you to this Kenyan community gathering on behalf of all of us at the Embassy. And at this juncture allow me to introduce my husband Dr Joe, Muhindi, and the fairly new team of members of staff at the Mission….Miss Josephine Awuor, Principle Counsellor, Mr Daniel Kotut, Counsellor, Mr George Kinyua, First Secretary, Ms Habiba Wako, Immigration  Attache,  Ms Linnet Vitisia, Finance Attache, and  Mrs Anne Masidza and Mrs Catherine Kiboi are our Administrative  Attaches…….as you see we are a small team covering the five Nordic countries.

The theme of this year’s Kenyatta Day is Unity and Solidarity.   “Umoja”,“Pamoja”.It is important to recall that right from the beginning; Kenyatta Day was not only about the imprisonment of our first President Mzee, Jomo Kenyatta, and the Kapenguria six, but rather a tribute to all our hero’s in the struggle for independence. This day is therefore first and foremost a solemn commemoration, but also an occasion for joyful celebration.We commemorate and pay tribute to the freedom fighters whose selfless spirit of sacrifice must forever remain a source of inspiration, challenge and hope for our generation and those to come.  But it is also an occasion for fun and merrymaking in festive remembrance and appreciation of their resounding victory against the forces of colonial oppression and deprivation.

It is a solemn occasion to recall why they chose the hard way, the risky way; why they were ready to lay down their lives – as indeed many of them did.  It is a call to rededicate ourselves to the lofty principles and noble purpose for which they fought. If we are forging ahead as a great and enviable nation today, it is because undaunted by the distance our heroes stayed focused on the destination in unity.

Kenya is forging ahead and we can celebrate our successes even as we face remaining challenges. Through the Governments Economic Recovery Strategy For Employment And Wealth Creation, key institutions, industries and services have been revamped.  Last year our economy grew at 6 % and this year without benefit of rich mineral resources our economy is set to grow at 7per cent. Tax revenues have in the last few years grown by 146%. We are now able unlike many developing countries to support 95% of our budget: Reforms in the monetary and governance sectors have seen Kenya receive a healthy bill from the World Bank after 15 years.

The Government and private investors can now borrow funds from the international markets for investment in Kenya. Last month Kenya received an international award for reforms that have made it easier to do business in Kenya. Kenya also received a United Nations award   for introducing successful reforms in the Public Service. Strides have been made in the education, agriculture and health sectors among others. The Constituency Development Fund has pulled about 2 million Kenyans above the poverty line, but much remains to be done.

To take us further towards our destination to eradicate poverty among our people in the shortest time possible the Government has formulated the Vision 2030, a road map for Kenya’s medium to long term development strategy.  Vision 2030 is projected to provide measures to raise economic growth from the current 6% to an average of 10 per cent for the next 25 years.  The Vision is anchored on a strategy based on high and sustained economic growth, promotion of social justice and equity, and the entrenchment of issue based and accountable politics.  The Government believes that the Kenyans in the Diaspora can make a valuable contribution towards transforming Kenya into a Middle income country.

In this respect, many initiatives have been taken and continue to be taken by individuals, groups, organizations, the private sector and the government to encourage the Kenyan Diaspora to participate even more actively in our national development. Already, the large Kenyan community in the Diaspora through remittances that average KShs.67 billion a year has helped transform the economy substantially, but the potential to impact development even more positively remains enormous. Investment opportunities exist in many areas including infrastructure, tourism, housing, equity bonds and share markets through the Nairobi stock exchange.

On the same basis, in recognition of the rich skills among the Kenyan Diaspora, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya has established a Diaspora Community Department whose duty among others is to place qualified Kenyans in International jobs.  We urge those of you in a position to utilize this opportunity to make use of it.  You have much to contribute in skills and knowledge transfer, and we believe that brain drain can be turned to brain gain. On the other hand, the government is aware of special concerns for the Kenyan Diaspora including dual citizenship, voting, travel facilitation, simplification of rules to facilitate banking and investment and has initiated several policies and draft bills to address some of your concerns. 

With regard to our host country Sweden, Kenya and Sweden share close bilateral relations. Kenya is among countries slated to continue with long term development cooperation with Sweden.  We are also seeing increased investor interest from the Swedish business sector. Next month, My Travel will start direct charter flights to Mombasa.  In recognition of the importance of the Swedish tourism market, The Kenya Tourism Board re-established its presence in Stockholm this September.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before I conclude, allow me to revisit the purpose of our presence here today.   Just as people are endowed with the free will and power to be authors of their own sadness and misery, so can they also use the same will and power to create the conditions for prosperity and happiness through unity and solidarity?

To survive and prosper, a country and community must cater for the well being of every one of its membersAnd it is right and proper for all of us to demand our individual rights.  But the example of our freedom fighters reminds us that ultimately we live together, with one another, for one another, Kwa Umoja Pamoja. That there are times the interests of the community override individual interest when we must be ready to give up individual interests, drives and desires for the common good.  Kenyatta day reminds us of our duty to love our country loyally, whole heartedly and to put the interest of Kenya above all others. 

Kenyatta Day is an invitation for all of us to take up the challenge to transcend things that divide us and promote those that bind us in the collective endeavour to fulfill the dream of our nationalists for a peaceful, wealthy and caring nation of healthy and selfless people. Yes, this national hero’s day makes us feel proud to be Kenyans.

Finally I wish to thank you for sparing time from your busy schedules to celebrate Kenyatta day together.  Let me also in closing assure you that the Kenya Embassy as the name states is an Embassy for all Kenyans, and you have a right to expect and get efficient and fast services. We will as an embassy continue to endeavour to give our best service.    We urge you to engage us in constructive and frank dialogue based on mutual respect.

To facilitate communication between us the Mission is happy to launch here with you today, the official website of the Kenya Embassy in Sweden. Please use the website to register online, access various documents and information and to give the mission feedback on your areas of concern. We are proud that the Website has been developed by Kenyans Safi Media, for Kenyans.

Mungu abariki Kenya, Mungu awabariki.

Asanteni sana
Lifted from the Kenyan embassy website.


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