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Kenyan Embassy In Sweden Engineered To Deport An Official Who Is Sick.

It was a sad drama yesterday in Stockholm when the Kenya embassy in Sweden under commander Purity Muhindi tried to deport a Kenyan diplomat who has been working for the Kenya government for more than 15 year. The diplomat who is still under medical care at Karolinska hospital has been sick since last year and this caused him to lose his job. The situation is both absurd and dramatic because Sweden has some of the top hospitals in the world so how comes they want to take him back to Kenya where we know that this kind of services will cost him lots of money. A source told Jamii that the Kenyan government sent a skin doctor to accompany the sick official on his flight back home. The Embassy had already arranged for the ticket and they even vacated him from his house.

In her speech this year during Kenyatta day, Mrs Purity Muhindi said we are supposed to stand and support one another. Is this the kind of support she was talking about? Why was she preaching water and now she is taking wine. How comes a farewell party was not arranged for the official who has served Kenya for so long? Kenyans are now mobilising on how they can help the official if the asylum strategy fail. Kenyans in Sweden are not going to tolerate this kind of inhuman treatment. The Kenyan embassy has failed in many things and this is just another scandal in a chain of scandals. This is supposed to be a good lesson for other embassy staff that it can happen to them. (Ukiona cha mwenzio chanyolewa, chako tia maji)

Kenyan politician normally runs abroad when they are sick and the recent case was Simon Nyachae who was rushed to London for treatment. Their children are educated abroad and even their end month shoping is in London. Does it mean that they can not support the official? To deprive the diplomat our aid would mean to condemn him to a slow and inevitable death, given the current state of our Kenya hospitals. In Kenya our, we sell life. When you are sick you must go to an Indian who will sell medicine to you and if you don’t have money then start dying because that is the only alternative. Thanks to a group of Kenyans who rushed to the scene to stop this inhuman process. Their plans yield some fruit because the diplomat was granted asylum on a humanitarian ground. Speaking to Jamii, a reliable source told us that it was not political motivated, at least not consciously for them to stop the deportation. They wanted to remind the Embassy that they existed and the Embassy cannot take our brother who is sick back to Kenya. They said that they did not wish to raise the political aspects of this problem, because all they wanted was to help the brother not to be deported.

As the saga progressed, the Embassy staff under engineer Purity Muhindi was trying to vacate the official from his house. A container was packed outside his house so that his properties can be removed out of the house. Huu ni ungwana kweli? “ Kwa Umoja Pamoja” speech dissolved very fast from our Hon Purity Muhindi. Above all, how can the Kenya embassy in Sweden allow their fellow citizen to be deported under inhuman conditions? This scandalous procedure for deporting the official must be condemned by all Kenyan who reside here in Sweden and let us demand the Kenyan government to re-consider the situation. Thanks to Sweden the land of human rights. We wish him well.

Munala wa Munala.


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